• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Zuzuska

    Zuzuska's WATER Diamond Evaluation

    ~SPLISH SPLASH GREAT ADVENTURE!~ This list of Water Elemental Fighters will try to help you pick what the BEST choices for Diamond evolution are. There will also be a few Great/Decent picks. Hopefully, this can help you determine who you want to spend your Elemental Essences on. I'm splitting...
  2. Zuzuska

    Zuzuska's AIR Diamond Evaluation

    ~Whoosh Swoosh~ We’re jumping the gun and flying into the Air Diamond Eval! This is not a perfect tier list, but hopefully it will help you decide on who to use those valuable Elemental Essences on or maybe you’ll save them for if you can pull one of the top tiers. I'm splitting this list into...
  3. Zuzuska

    Zuzuska's WATER Diamond Evaluation

    SWOOSH SPLASH (thats the sound water makes right?) This list of Water Elemental Fighters will judge what the 3 BEST choices for Diamond evolution are. There will also be 3 DECENT picks, and then the other fighters that struggle to hold onto practicality. Possible Water Element Diamonds: Bad Ms...
  4. Zuzuska

    What Fighters to work on for 2.5

    Thought I'd begin a thread on Fighters to start investing in and leveling up in anticipation of the 2.5 update. Personally, I'm going to begin leveling up and focusing on these characters: Some other notable variants: Red Velvet, Diva Intervention What's everyone else aiming to level up...
  5. Zuzuska

    Zuzuska's FIRE Diamond Evaluation

    BURN BABY BURN! This list of Fire Elemental Fighters will hopefully help in deciding what the 3 BEST choices for Diamond evolution are, some Great choices, and the Decent/Sub-Par choices that struggle to be worth it. This is not a perfect list, but hopefully it will help you decide on who to use...
  6. Zuzuska

    Bug - Normal Squigly BB3 Interrupted

    Squigly's Unblockable BB3 was interrupted by Eliza's Unblockable Charge Attack. Needs more research to see if this occurs against any other fighters.
  7. Zuzuska

    Bug - Normal Lonesome Lenny and Parasite Weave

    I'm not sure if this interaction is as intended... But I placed a Lonesome Lenny as Pea Shooter. Then Parasite Weave proceeded to hit Lenny with a crit, stunning me out of block stance and destroying both of us with my placed Lenny. Never again.
  8. Zuzuska

    Fights Combining Dailies

    I was chatting in the SGM app and someone named Colt inspired an awesome idea that I thought had to be shared. Perhaps in the future, combined dailies would be possible as their own event? For example: Filia's daily - Bleed procs + Squigly's Daily - Doom at 50% enemy health...
  9. Zuzuska

    Resolved Graveyard Shift Regen Doubling

    When Graveyard Shift Valentine defeats an opponent and receives 2x Regen from her SA, she can then use Chocoglycemia to double this regeneration. She can do this multiple times by using multiple Chocoglycemia, waiting for 2 stacks to fade and then reapplying the doubled regeneration afterwards...
  10. Zuzuska

    Other Friend Requests

    Quick Suggestion. I'm hoping that a friend request feature is added to the chat. So that after adding someone, you can see what channel they are on, and be able to tell when they are also online at the same time.
  11. Zuzuska

    Bug - Normal Private Dick Resistance

    Private Dick’s 2nd SA is 50% resistance to all debuffs, but on the stat page there aren’t any resistances listed. Visual bug?
  12. Zuzuska

    Fights Resist Stat Balancing

    Currently in the game, there are 6 types of Resistance stats that can randomly appear on moves: Bleed, Armor Break, Disable, Stun, Cripple and Crit Resist. The changes proposed in the OFFICIAL: 2018 PREVIEW are absolutely fantastic, but I'm wondering if there are any plans to re-balance the...
  13. Zuzuska

    Other Music turned down?

    Whenever I attempt to play any music from my phone, and play the game at once; it turns down my music by at least 50% volume, and it stays that way. The music from the game also plays at the same time and it overpowers my music entirely. The only way around this is to turn off music from the...
  14. Zuzuska

    Maximum FS?

    Was just wondering, what's the highest FS anyone's seen on the CPU players in prize fights or Story fights? I'm kind of new, so the highest I've seen was a 6957 Gold No Egrets Parasoul...