• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Psyche

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Most of you are doing this very well, but please remember to include the date, time and the name of the prize fight that you are reporting otherwise it is difficult for the developers to verify whether the suspect was really cheating.
  2. Psyche

    Community Time Capsule!

    Annual nostalgia/PTSD check-up! So much has changed. We have live PvP now, almost all of the characters from Second Encore (just Fukua still to go) and the very exciting announcement of a brand new playable character after that. Popular bets are Annie or Umbrella, but it could really be anyone...
  3. Psyche

    Valentine's PF should be fun…

    Valentine's PF should be fun…
  4. Psyche

    Bug - Normal Blue Bomber Robo-Fortunes Signature Ability 2 doesn't work

    Just to clarify something… Were you interpreting "level 3" correctly? I haven't seen Blue Bomber's SA description in a while but I believe what it really meant was 'tier 3' blockbusters, i.e. unblockable, unavoidable blockbusters that take the most damage to charge and cost the most move points...
  5. Psyche

    Other Great game but I quit, stating why here

    Well, it seems like you've made up your mind and I'm sure the developers appreciate you taking the time to explain why. However, I'd urge you to at least try out sync PvP which looks promising and can't be too far away.
  6. Psyche

    account removed?

    That sounds kind of strange. I'm pretty sure that when a player is banned, they are explicitly told as much. Sounds more like you're facing a real error. Since it seems like you do have your account data backed up, you could try all the usual restarts and reinstalls; this might fix your issue.
  7. Psyche

    The machines are learning…

    The machines are learning…
  8. Psyche

    Login Problems

    https://hvs.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000143442 Try the steps that are suggested in this article. Hopefully nothing has been lost. By any chance, do you have your Skullgirls ID from before you lost access to your account? It would be in the format XXXX-XXXX. This would make it...
  9. Psyche

    I hate work that requires self-motivation. I'm too good at procrastinating!

    I hate work that requires self-motivation. I'm too good at procrastinating!
  10. Psyche

    Did you keep your Silver and Bronzes?

    Being the stubborn darned completionist that I am, I am still partway through my journey to have at least one copy of every variant at every possible rarity tier. This means that I ultimately need four of every natural bronze, three of every natural silver, two of every natural gold and only one...
  11. Psyche

    Well excuuuse me, Princess!

    There is no general hard and fast set of rules for what does and doesn't make somebody a monarch. Every nation has its own conventions and caveats, even though there might be some common factors; so if we are given a reason at some point, it doesn't necessarily need to 'make sense' according to...
  12. Psyche

    Community Time Capsule!

    I think we should do a status report on the game. I feel one of the most important things worth mentioning is Rift Battles, the closest thing we have to PvP right now. A bit like Prize Fights, but with much more focus on a single opponent. Plus, this earns Rift Coins…
  13. Psyche

    Community Time Capsule!

    So... What has changed?
  14. Psyche

    Winter is dull.

    Winter is dull.
  15. Psyche

    How do you do the double peacock juggle?

    It’s a feature… for now. My guess is that when it comes to bugs, this one is a bit of a cockroach and so it’s not worth the resources to fix it yet. Either that or it was too dang fun for the devs to remove.
  16. Psyche

    Consider natural diamonds to be icing on the cake, rather than a core feature. There’s plenty of...

    Consider natural diamonds to be icing on the cake, rather than a core feature. There’s plenty of other stuff to keep you occupied.
  17. Psyche


  18. Psyche

    Yep, sounds about right.

    Yep, sounds about right.
  19. Psyche

    Padoru padoru!

    Padoru padoru!
  20. Psyche

    "The first cut" Marquee is counterproductive after a full perma-bleed stack...

    You pay your tithe in blood in order to be blessed with all those perma-bleeds. As Liam has said, while technically a bug this is actually better off staying as it is in the meantime that BHD is so very powerful. I think that if you end up losing a match because of this glitch alone, then you've...