• [2018/06/22]
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  1. RancorSnp

    Other Suggestions for 2E, Season 1 Pass, since I do not know of any better place to post it.

    So as said in the title I doubt SGM forums is the right place to post this, but I could not find anything better. Now, very quickly I want to say that Season 1 Pass is amazing, I love Annie, Eliza and Robo changes all that good stuff. BUT I do believe I can offer a point of view that may not...
  2. RancorSnp

    Annie animation errors

    Couldn't think of a better place to put this one in. I've noticed three animation errors in Annie's frames shown in the trailer. 1) When casting the spinning blade thingy that keeps the enemy in the air, Annie lacks a star at the bottom of her shoe. 2) During the startup of her Autograph /...
  3. RancorSnp

    Other "New" Gamemode idea

    In order to keep this one shorter than usual I'll try to stick to just one idea and maybe some minor ones. So this "new" game mode I am speaking off would be accessed either in the Story menu, to give it some purpose, or the rift menu as all it is really is a glorified single player rifts...
  4. RancorSnp

    Other Thoughts and ideas about the Rift, Rewards, Guilds, In game purchases and some minor things.

    (I was hoping to divide this into collapsible sections with spoilers but since I have no idea how to do that this once again going to be a mess, I tried to use text size difference instead, hope it helps and sorry about that.) Rift match making : Rift matchmaking is having a big issue with...
  5. RancorSnp

    Other New system : Support Variants

    Recently with the help of fellow discord users (thank you for enthusiastic support Sol, Candle, Sheik, Span and others) I've come to realization that highly popular spirits mode is an idea that would translate really well to the systems of Skullgirls Mobile. This is also the last time the word...