• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Mayor_N

    Invincible Cerebella Glitch?

    I was in prize fights using my Silent Kill Valentine, and for some reason I was inflicting 0 damage on every single hit I put on the opposing Harlequin Cerebella, even though I saw nothing that had to with invincibility. Is this a glitch or what? Apologies if it's obvious and I just don't know.
  2. Mayor_N

    Characters Valentine is Broken

    Back when the game first started, Valentine was a fast, and agile character that was easy to counter attacks with, but now, she's incredibly slow and is never able to counter any attack, no matter what it is. Please fix this, you turned my favorite fighter into trash.
  3. Mayor_N

    Pointlessly Overpowered Abilities Take the Fun Out of This Game

    Am I the only one who believes that Resonant Evil Big Band and Untouchable Peacock are just...really dumb? Victory is basically given to them, and they're able to pull of a lot of stupid stuff simply because they have abilities are handed to them on a silver platter. Every single time I see...
  4. Mayor_N

    Why is Eliza Broken?

    It's been a hundred times now that I've played as Eliza and she randomly decides "Hey, I'm not gonna attack." Constantly, I'll be in the middle of a combo and she either 1. Get's interrupted for no reason Or 2. Stops attacking altogether This happens with no other fighters and Im wondering...
  5. Mayor_N

    Sorry but Resonant Evil Big Band is OP

    Ah yes, Big Band... The fighter who has the ability to glitch and cancel out unblockable moves... Disregard any projectiles by simply walking forward... Becoming invincible if someone even touches him... Can interrupt Eliza in the middle of a combo... Yup. He's balanced. For the love of...
  6. Mayor_N

    Fights Increase or Remove Match Time Limit

    Its been increasingly frustrating in prize mode when I've been drastically outleveled by my enemy, only to kick their butt to no end, just to have them have a "victory" because time ran out. I'm simply suggesting that the time limit either be removed, or increased by 30 seconds or a minute. The...