• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Weicong

    Bug - Normal Cannot Connect to Medici Fight

    All other prize fights can be connected normally, except the Medici Fight in 06 Sep, I think it is caused by the short servers down today earlier when I was playing in Medici Fight, I have tried to restart the app and even reinstall it several times, but it still can not work and keeps showing...
  2. Weicong

    Bug - Normal Wrong Price of Peacock Upgrade Pack

    Peacock Upgrade Pack should be half price all day today, but I found the price to me is not half price when I logged in. I have attached the screenshot. Devices model and system version: iPhone Xr, 14.2 Account region: Australia, (the A$79 Peacock Upgrade Pack should be A$38 if it is in half...
  3. Weicong

    Bug - Normal The canopy coins may be counted incorrectly when upgrading a Move with internet connection error.

    I am new to the game and I do not have much canopy coins, so I keep watching how much canopy coins left when I upgrade a Move or unlock a Skill Tree. I just found that if I upgrade a Move failed cause of internet connect, when I try again and upgrade it successfully , the canopy coins may be...