• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Renan Flippy

    Characters What about 2nd Encore misc contents?

    I look surprised that Mobile hasn't implemented Ms. Fortune, Robo-Fortune and probably Fukua new intros for certain vatiants and the Air KO characters voices. I understand the lack of time for now developing both game versions. Thanks guys 😊
  2. Renan Flippy

    Characters Daily Relic Exclusive Change

    Hi again, considering the exclusivity of Valentine Oh Mai in the daily relic and Squigly Necrobreaker in events in which HVS attends, I do not know if it would be a good idea to return Valentine Oh Mai to all character relics and Squigly Necrobreaker be the exclusive character of the daily...
  3. Renan Flippy

    Other Don't Show This Mesagge Again

    Hi guys. The suggestion that I have today is the following: As in version 2.2.1 they added a checkbox option to disable the chat function, They should put an option to disable the appearance of messages like the limited offers that you appear for what we do in the game, and "First you have to...
  4. Renan Flippy

    So What About Fukua?

    As many of you know, there are high chances that Fukua does not appear in SG Mobile for three reasons. 1. It is not canon 2. Filia has some of its special moves and BlockBusters. 3. Her poster does not appear in the Twitter posts of the game. But, is there a possibility that Fukua appears as a...
  5. Renan Flippy

    Resolved Where's Show Me Your Moves PF?

    Today opening the game I see that the Prize Fight "Show me Your Moves" does not appear in the Prize Fights menu. Country: México
  6. Renan Flippy

    Other Send content to friends

    Hi. Today I come with a suggestion based on the addition of chat in game and would be to share content with friends that we have in social networks that also play SGM. It is that they could put an option to send Coins, Theonite, Relics, Fighters, Moves and/or Skill Points to the friends we have...
  7. Renan Flippy

    Bug - Normal Bugged Prize Fights (Again?)

    Recently I realized that the Bronze and Silver Prize Fights are again bugged again (which also happened from the first versions of LINE Skullgirls). Here I send a Screenshot of a friend who also has the same problems in the mode. I do not think @moisterrific does these things (She's a goddess...
  8. Renan Flippy

    Fights Idea for a Special Prize Fight Modifier

    I've been watching in the Unique and Special Prize Fights (1.5.0 LINE Skullgirls Special Gold Prize Fight and Valentine's Day recent special prize fight) modifiers that make the game difficult and obviously it's something we like. But I have an idea for a little more easiest or harder modifier...
  9. Renan Flippy

    Bug - Normal Login Issues Again (5.DSE.1)

    Recetly opened the game and again Not login in game
  10. Renan Flippy

    Other Element Items

    Do not take it as nonsense, but watching the special moves modifiers and the possible returns of the Marquee Ability (Viewed in Closed Beta Test) I come up with a suggestion called Items. It consists of collectable items that the player could be getting through relics (specifically the Take a...
  11. Renan Flippy


    NOTE: If you have not played this story, do not read this. Also, I have a half bad english (Google Translate :p)
  12. Renan Flippy

    Other Announcer Voices

    Now that I have seen the notes of the first version of the new app and I notice the Japanese voices, I have a suggestion. It would be great if they put the voices of the other advertisers (Feminine, Sovietic and Dazed) in version 2.1.0.. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  13. Renan Flippy

    Bug - Normal Eliza/Sekhmet Hathors Return icon

    New Bug. The Eliza/Sekhmet Hathors Return icon does not disappear from the screen after the fight when defeating the opponent using BB3 Lady of Slaughter. Please Fix it.
  14. Renan Flippy

    Bug - Crash Game Crashes after Start Game

    @Liam About what you said about maintenance, the closing of the game after maintenance, is it the time zone? In part yesterday I was going to receive my first Silver Lining Relic, but there was the maintenance. Already after updating the game, and after the maintenance disappeared, after...
  15. Renan Flippy

    Characters Upcoming Character Variants (DISCUSSION ABOUT UPCOMING GAME UPDATES)

    To begin with, I think most of the members of this forum will have already realized that in the social networks of the game already have been confirming new variants for the characters of the game and that apparently will be golden characters. From what I saw according to their signature...