• [2018/06/22]
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    Help finding an "old" guide - Ranking best appliers of every debuffs and maybe also buffs

    Can't find it in my history. Not sure if I read it on reddit or in the skullgirls mobile forums. What I mean by ranking them I mean... Take this inaccurate example. Best at applying curse... Squigly with Shoryuken, Sketchy, ...
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    How exactly does the sam detection work in this site?

    edit: damn sam... i meant spam XD Me replying to a topic about shineys with no offensive language or don't do's like ALL CAPS and whatnot...
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    This game just flat out lies about probability

    What we see in the frontend and what the developers have coded in the backend can't be the same. I wish they would just advertise the actual challenge rather than make people think they're extremely unlucky. tl;dr "justification" Take today's dailies and prize fights into consideration. In...