• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Snow

    Other Canopy Relic

    I feel like there should be a "canopy relic" implemented into the daily rewards so on some days you get 5k, 10k, 25k gold (maybe 100k coins on day 30?) I'd also prefer canopy coins on some days (e.g. 15k) as opposed to bronze fighters..... (daily rewards) This will benefit both new players and...
  2. Snow

    Bug - Normal Small Issue on character Switch-In

    When characters die, and another character comes in, there is a second where your character sprite that you are playing changes direction and looks to the left as though expecting someone from the left? (i.e. as though there is an opponent on the LEFT side of the screen instead of the RIGHT side...
  3. Snow

    Bug - Normal Rainbow Blight's skills dont work?

    :3 pls ignore this post, i tested it in training. it works but does not work in battle battle because the enemy keeps hitting me LUL :3 :3 :3
  4. Snow

    Collection Halloween Event? Double Exp? Double?

    Suggesting Double exp to celebrate Halloween and Double being released on ?Halloween? I feel like Halloween deserves something special :3 Anyone have any other thoughts for an event for Halloween special?
  5. Snow

    Bug - Normal Eliza's throw bug

    Is it just me or does Eliza's throw no longer make her "walk forward"? :3 For example, when you use Eliza's throw, you are basically stationery no matter if you throw 1 time or 10 times or 20 times. You will NEVER move forward. :3 On the other hand, if you throw with ANY other character, (and...
  6. Snow

    Resolved No Prize Fight Wednesday 11 Oct

    Is it just a bug or does no one else have any Prize Fight today after Medici Event ended? :3
  7. Snow

    Relic Openings

    Use this thread to post all your relic openings! always excited to see what other players get! yay :3! (videos would be extra special of new characters/moves) anyone know how to record the screen on an ipad/iphone? :3
  8. Snow

    Bug - Normal Error Code -3842

    Upon connecting to the game, I now get an error message. Error Code -3842 Beep. Boop. An error occurred while communicating with our servers. Please try again! :3 iphone 7 latest ios
  9. Snow

    Fights Defense Team Defense SLot and Prizes and Playback Video

    Can we select our own Defense Team (e.g. drag and drop into 3 separate rectangles - DEFENSE TEAM) and watch playback videos or have some record of how many fights they have won or loss? Obviously there should be one for bronze, silver and gold characters :3 :3 :3 It would be really nice to be...
  10. Snow

    Bug - Normal Peacock's Bomb vs. Parasoul's Motorcycles

    BUG: When you throw Peacock's George's Day out at the same time the enemy Parasoul uses her Motor Brigade, the game literally pauses for 1-3 seconds. Sometimes, no damage will pass. Sometimes, only 1-2 motorcyles will hit. Sometimes, the delay is up to 3 seconds and then huge speed up. This...
  11. Snow

    Medici Event no handout? (13/09/2017)

    Anyone else not receive 250k from this Wednesday's event? I scored around 5million and that is usually enough to get the 250k reward :3 :3 :3
  12. Snow

    Bug - Normal No Prize Fights, No Daily Events

    It seems the game just died? There is no prize fights and no daily events.