• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Ryouhi

    Fights Free PF streak restoration once a day?

    Probably not gonna happen, but a thing i kinda wish was available as more or less f2p player. :P Would work as described in the title, once a day upon losing your streak in a PF you can choose to restore the streak at no theonite cost. Any following restorations would cost Theonite as normal.
  2. Ryouhi

    Fights Reducing frustrations with Rifts

    Okay, there's been kind of an uproar of people regarding their frustrations with the state of rift battles as of the last update and especially in the past few days. I've been talking with peeps on the discord earlier about this and have collected some ideas i want to present, so here goes...
  3. Ryouhi

    Collection Duplicate natural diamonds

    After getting excited for my new diamond relic i was in turn even more disappointed when i saw that i got a duplicate fighter from it. Of course, this is a gacha game and you dont always get what you want. We are also lucky enough to already have pretty fair drop chances compared to other games...
  4. Ryouhi

    Story Story Mode and replayability

    One thing i really enjoy about the game is the little extra stories we get every so often, be they story mode missions or origin stories. But as anyone that has been playing the game for a while will have noticed, there hasn't been an update to the Story mode in a really, really long time. I've...
  5. Ryouhi

    Fights Attacks in Sekhmet Mode should count towards the Blockbuster Finish in Rifts

    It feels a little weird how killing an opponent with Sekhmet attacks does not count towards the Blockbuster Finish bonus points in rift battles. Only the first hit counts, as it's the only hit that is actually considered a Blockbuster, but arguably that one hit does very little damage compared...
  6. Ryouhi

    Other Is the 3-Day Rift-Decay really necessary?

    Players are already encouraged to play at least 7 matches each week to get their rewards. Why not combine the natural decay with the 7-day cycle, instead of having it decay every 3 days? It feels a little stressful having to get a game in every 3 days instead of being able to play my matches...
  7. Ryouhi

    Other Data usage keeps increasing

    Not sure if it's really "feedback" in it's original sense. But i have noticed that my data usage from Skullgirls Mobile has significantly increased from earlier versions of the game. I believe when i first started playing the game over the course of a month the game would maybe use between 100...
  8. Ryouhi

    Characters Hatred Install's current bonus seems rather useless

    Judging by the wiki, even at max level Hatred Install will proc a 5 second enrage for you... (if the wiki is accurate) As far as i know Hatred Install doesn't seem to really combo into anything, as it has a very long recovery time. Combining that with the fact that the AI will most likely block...
  9. Ryouhi

    Bug - Normal Painwheel Cruel Lily into L5 inconsistant

    I've noticed this happen for a while now, but sometimes i use the following combo with varying degrees of success: L5 > J3 > Cruel Lily > L5 Just now i fought a Cerebella and used the combo described above and was able to get of my second full L5. 10 seconds later i repeat the same combo, but...
  10. Ryouhi

    German Localization is great

    I'm german but i usually play all my games in english, for ease of discussion amongst other things. I just now looked through all the fighter names in german though and found some absolutely great puns and funny names. Really just wanted to say, to whoever does these, great freaking job! <3...
  11. Ryouhi

    Peacock's "Cast Party"-Marquee feels too strong on rifts

    Was battleing someone's Rift Boss node and they had a Peacock with the castparty MA unlocked. At some point Squigly tagged in, which procced it and made it unblockable. This instantly hit me for 75% of my health. This doesn't feel very fair, because there isn't much you can do besides taking...
  12. Ryouhi

    Other More Character Prize Fights each week

    When we finally get the last two characters, Robo and Fukua into the game (not even counting the possibility of future original characters), it will take 2 months for character PFs to rotate once and i feel that's getting a bit too long a wait for each character. If you miss a character's PF you...
  13. Ryouhi

    Characters Miss Fortune's Blockbusters are easily interrupted

    I'm not sure whether it's intentional or not, considering most other Blockbuster's aren't interruptable, but when playing Miss Fortune i keep getting hit out of my own BBs. For example, just now i was playing versus a Big Band. I used Hit Paws against him, i got the BB flash, start up frames...
  14. Ryouhi

    Characters When evolving, show the character new stats at max level

    This one has been bothering me for a while now. When evolving a fighter you are first greeted by a nice overview of how evolving the fighter will change it's stats. For example it will tell you the fighters new maximum FS, as if they were at the maximum level. However, in the case of the Attack...
  15. Ryouhi

    Fights "Spectators" or XP-sharing

    Especially since the introduction of Diamonds, i've found myself always having to backpack one or two fodder cards on each fight, because i need more gold fodder to for evolving. The way it works currently ends up being quite frustrating at times however, since the fodder fighters aren't of any...
  16. Ryouhi

    Characters Squigly's Autofight mode doesn't work well

    This is probably not too important of an issue, but i personally have the game running easier fights on automode when i'm busy doing other things. Either Dailiy Events or some of the early fights when i don't have a streak built up in prize fights. Every other fighter can carry me through...
  17. Ryouhi

    Bug - Normal Big Band using Blockbusters when you try to grab him

    Not sure if it's intentional, but since the 2.7 update Big Band will often use a blockbuster the second you try to do a grab attack on him. This basically makes it suicide to try and use a grab attack against him in high streaks.
  18. Ryouhi

    Ms Fortune Combos

    Since Ms Fortune seems like she'll have some more varied combo potential with her head on and off modes, i thought collecting these combos in a thread would be a good idea! Me peasonally, i haven't gotten the hang of her headless mode yet, so i don't know any particularly good combos yet, but...
  19. Ryouhi

    Collection More control about elemental shard rewards in Master Dailies

    Looking at my stash of elemental essences and shards, i noticed how all were mostly at the same amount. I generally have 1 full essence and roughly 500 shards of each element saved up. So instead of being able to focus at one element at a time, all your ressources are evenly spread across all...
  20. Ryouhi

    Characters Give Painwheel a Marquee Ability better suited for Offense

    Right now both of her Marquee abilities require that Painwheel let's herself be hit. This may be useful when you use her on your Defense team, but if she's being played actively, getting hit is definitely the last thing you want to happen as Painwheel. Against enemies of the same level or...