• [2018/06/22]
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  1. J

    Bug - Crash Quest and Ladder

    When completing a quest while in Prize Fight, there's a huge chance for the game to just stop working. You would then have to exit out of the game and then relogg back. I think it may be due to a disagreement between showing the quest being finished while having the bar of progress fill up...
  2. J

    Bug - Normal Buer Overdrive

    I know this is a bit nit-picky, but if you juggle into immediate Buer Overdrive on Painwheel it completely whiffs.
  3. J

    Other Select Practice Character

    It would benefit me greatly as a player to be able to select certain practice character instead of going in and out of practice mode in hopes of rerolling into the correct character. Some combos may or may not work on certain characters as launch distance and body size plays a huge role in combo...
  4. J

    Bug - Normal Eliza Khepri Sun Bug

    Eliza's 5 cost block buster "Khepri Sun" tends to whiff the last hit of the combo. Not only do you miss majority of the damage dealt (as the last tick does a huge chunk) the game is programmed so that the Blockbuster animation keeps going until the very last tick. So what ends up happening is a...
  5. J

    Collection Costume Changing

    I would like to propose an idea. Since we can't really use whatever costume of a character we want I would like it if we can fuse certain units and end up obsorbing costumes. The type and skill tree would stay the same. I don't think seeing an Underdog Beowulf as a fire element would be too...
  6. J

    Making Blocks More Skill Oriented

    As a big Street Fighter, Tekken, Smash Bros, and Skullgirls fan I can say that the Skullgirls mobile block ability is on of the most unbalanced blocks I've used. There's no window to how long it can be held, and the fact that trying to rush grab a blocked target would end up being most likely...
  7. J

    Characters Eliza Bugged Character

    I feel as if Eliza's combos, block buster, and specials are all super situational and have extremely bugged hit boxes. Some juggle combos just whiff completely such as a full juggle into upper khat, and the knock up into nekhbet breaker. Against some, a full combo and down attack works, while...