• [2018/06/22]
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  1. stale cheeto

    Bug - Normal I have an issue involving Filia's tag in attack

    Ok this went by super duper fast and I couldn't make sense of what was going on but I'll explain the best I can. I was playing the Annie prize fight, right? Cerebella used Diamond Drop to KO my Annie and then swiftly tagged in Filia while Painwheel was just coming in. Filia kicked Painwheel and...
  2. stale cheeto

    Parasoul's arm bands removed from her palettes?

    I don't mean to sound like one of those people who were super whiny about things like the panty shots getting removed from the game, but I'm just curious as to why Parasoul's arm bands were removed from the Star-Crossed (#25), No Egrets (#4) and Heavy Reign (#8) palettes specifically. It's a...
  3. stale cheeto

    What moves would you recommend for Rogue Agent?

    I already know that her taunt is essential since it can give her Precision but I don't know what else to give her besides that
  4. stale cheeto

    Who are the strongest characters in the lore?

    I've just been wondering about which characters would be considered the strongest in the SG lore. I'm talking about characters whose strengths and abilities we're aware of at the moment. (I'm using these sites to get some info on the characters' abilities...
  5. stale cheeto

    what moves would you guys recommend for fly trap painwheel?

    I have no idea what would be the most suited for her, does anyone have any ideas?
  6. stale cheeto

    Bug - Normal Bug involving Double and Parasoul

    If you tag out with Double right when Parasoul is using the Silent Scope blockbuster, and Double is hit, the camera gets fixed on Parasoul and the rest of the enemy team for the rest of the match. You can send the enemy flying, and the camera will just keep following them.
  7. stale cheeto

    How does double juggling work?

    (no, i'm not talking about the character Double lol) Sometimes I see people juggle fighters in the air twice in a single combo or using certain moves to send fighters in the air, and then they'll do the air combo afterwards. How does it work? It's always confused me.
  8. stale cheeto

    beowulf's wulf shoot spam

    Man.... I've come across a few people who give their Beowulfs a bunch of Wulf shoots and nothing else and the AI would just spam it for the entire round, I try to fend them off the best I can. Can someone give me advice on how to deal with these freaks