• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Disasterrr19

    Bug - Normal Holodeck rewards bug

    Today I've faced a new bug while completing Holodeck at Master difficulty with 12H XP boost. After winning the fight I was given the "We're having some difficulty reaching our servers. Please try again!" message. After hitting "Retry" button I got the reward screens, but the Canopy Coin reward...
  2. Disasterrr19

    Characters Beowulf's Airwulf and Wulfamania KO effect

    When Beowulf uses Airwulf and Wulfamania in Hype Mode to defeat the opponent, we see an additional animation of a Penguin Referee counting down three seconds of opponent being pinned down until KO happens. While looking cool as heck, this animation does not add anything in terms of combat...
  3. Disasterrr19

    Other Total Damage Done counter in addition to Combo Hits counter

    Hi devs, thank you again for such a great game! I think it would be pretty useful to have a counter showing the total amount of damage dealt by the combo, not only the hit number. That would definitely help us to optimize our combos and clearly see if the difficult execution results in...
  4. Disasterrr19

    MEAN ONE Discussion

    Just faced her in dailies, here is the screenshot with SA: Looks like she's absolutely, totally, 473% sure NOT a counter-pick against Grudge Painwheels, Overclocked, ICU Vals and other buff spamers. Turning 7-8 buffs into debuffs on one Argus Agony activation while getting to 5 enrage stacks...
  5. Disasterrr19

    Bug - Normal Megalith Array vs Blue Screen

    Hi folks, Yesterday I tried to finish off Blue Screen in Robo Daily with Megalith Array while we both were in the right corner. After 4 or 5 hits her HP went down to zero and she fell to the ground. OK, I expected that due to her SA... But I did not expect all that happened after! That was just...
  6. Disasterrr19

    Squigly - Thrill Shrieker

    Just met new Gold Squigly variant (exclusive to Spooky Relic, IIRC). Forgot to take a screenshot, but here it is: Thrill Shrieker Fire Element SA: Danse Macabre 1) 100% chance to gain ENRAGE when gaining a DRAGON CHARGE. Each ENRAGE is removed when a charge is spent. 2) The opponent suffers...
  7. Disasterrr19

    Resolved Buer Overdrive vs. Headless Ms. Fortune

    After 3.4.1 came out I started experiencing following problem when fighting Ms. Fortune in her Headless mode with Painwheel: - If I activate Buer Overdrive BB3 with Ms. Fortune's head behind her, it hits the body and properly defeats her; - If Ms. Fortune's head is between her body and...