• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Zenon

    acursed experiments OP

    has someone reached the end of ecursed experiments?? if you have please let me see it cuz i dont think anyone is able to complete that BSH i just started with my best gold characters fully upgrated even i made some strategies to win but im not able to pass over the second lv at the left and the...
  2. Zenon

    Looking for maxed out Untouchable Peacock screenshots

    i just want to know how is peacock untouchable in max level full skill tree please someone who has it or have a screenshot?
  3. Zenon

    Resolved 24 day without chest!

    Today was the 24th consecutive day i was exited and woke up just for the chest anf for my surprise the day counter was in 1 and guess what I DIDN'T RECIVE MY SPECIAL CHEST I WANT IT TODAY WAS THE DAY AND I'M NOT GONNA WAIT OTHER 24 DAYS!!!!!!
  4. Zenon

    Resolved Help me this is not ok!!!

    Oh god from where should i begin weeks ago i talked about this i have been buying peacock chests 33 and raising and the only thing that the chest gave me was rerun and sketchy i cant belive i spent lots of gems for nothing and some of yoi said "its probabilities" god 33 and no silver or gold...
  5. Zenon

    Bug - Crash when eliza do her unbloqueable bb game crashes

    every time she do that the game crashes and i loose energy why does this happen?
  6. Zenon

    Bug - Normal Is this a bug or its just bad luck?-11 chests

    Las saturday i bought peakock 11 chest and guess what just rerun and sketchy 11 rerun and sketchy