• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Museamongmen

    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    7:56pm Pavifuc standard Time 12/17
  2. Museamongmen

    Resolved Prize Fight but nothing happens

    Someone had this issue, they said they were able to recontrol their character after they put in on auto mode. Hopefully this helps if it happens again.
  3. Museamongmen

    Bug - Normal I can’t play the game

    Sadly the game isn't live for IOS yet. They are waiting on apple to push forward the update
  4. Museamongmen

    Bug - Normal Double avoiding grabs

    I can't seem to manage to land a grab on double. I used diamond drop and merrygorilla, as well as using Lupine Pummel. I know for mgr you have to be a certain distant away for it work. You cant be right on top of the fighter but double repeatedly seems to ignore grabs. Cerebella Beo
  5. Museamongmen

    OFFICIAL: 2.1.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I love the update and all the improvement. My only thing was if you guys looked into Bella throw when it came too double. I seemed to have issues with using mgr and diamknd drop with double. Its been a some time since ive fought double with Bella but I k ow others had some issues too
  6. Museamongmen

    "PRIVATE DICK" - Strategy and Discussion

    my only gold big band
  7. Museamongmen

    What palettes and signature abilities do you hope to see for future fighters?

    Didn't read through to see if anyone else agrees with me. But I'm waiting for Eliza to get her raven palette. I'm going to blow a fuses, if we never get it
  8. Museamongmen

    Character relics

    Also on new characters. I'm going to be very disappointed if the rate doesn't change for that. Especially if I do 10+ and get only 1, because the bonus guarantees it.
  9. Museamongmen

    Character relics

    eh, I found the change to suck for me. I need a para to complete a chapter and I don't have any expect I think maybe one or two bronze. Which sure i can level up and hopefully beat the 4k fighter, but I would have rather exert my time in a gold or silver fighter. I'm not even going to try...
  10. Museamongmen

    Other For variety’s sake

    I was in the thinking of "the enemy strikes again" so in the same concept the silvers strikes. Both on the battle ground.
  11. Museamongmen

    Other For variety’s sake

    Silver strikes ?
  12. Museamongmen

    "HEADSTRONG" - Strategy and Discussion

    She is honestly one of my main to go fighters, especially if its bronze only. I'm currently working on maxing her skill tree out so I can turn her into a silver
  13. Museamongmen

    Fighting against Double

    Any one else finding it hard to land hits against double? I have trouble figuring out when it the good time to try to land a hit, as well as her animation time is so quick to me. Maybe its just me, maybe she too new to for me to figure out.
  14. Museamongmen

    Post your Double pulls!

    Got I Immortal Fiber, Doublicous and a mix of Sundae and Nunsense between 9 relics
  15. Museamongmen

    "IMMORAL FIBER" - Strategy and Discussion

    I'm so happy my Bonus relic from 1500 was this one. Now I need to learn the animation cycle and how to properly use Beast of Gehenna
  16. Museamongmen

    "DOUBLICIOUS" - Strategy and Discussion

    Does it steal whenever finish a combo or is it if it lands on the same character. Won't it be great when you can steal someone heavy Regen
  17. Museamongmen

    "NUNSENSE" - Strategy and Discussion

    So 3 negative affects on Val for the 3 bleeds that double acquires. If you tag her out, and switch in another strong fighter could be great for the stubborn fight with tanky fighters. Or possibly with a Val that can give health back to all players and then revive double with a BB.
  18. Museamongmen

    Long Shot calculation

    When you get a daily saying win a fight vs a team 4x your team score. What percent of long shot would that be more or less? I can't really see anyway of doing it other than during the prize fight. Especially if you complete the story mode.
  19. Museamongmen

    "SCARLET VIPER" - Strategy and Discussion

    So I have her and she not one of favorite but I primarily use her to start off prize mode and help level up fighters who are almost about to go into the next lvl. Does anyone know a good way to actually use her. Her SA have her good for blowing some strong attacks if they both triggered and...