• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Museamongmen

    Bug - Normal Double avoiding grabs

    I can't seem to manage to land a grab on double. I used diamond drop and merrygorilla, as well as using Lupine Pummel. I know for mgr you have to be a certain distant away for it work. You cant be right on top of the fighter but double repeatedly seems to ignore grabs. Cerebella Beo
  2. Museamongmen

    Fighting against Double

    Any one else finding it hard to land hits against double? I have trouble figuring out when it the good time to try to land a hit, as well as her animation time is so quick to me. Maybe its just me, maybe she too new to for me to figure out.
  3. Museamongmen

    Long Shot calculation

    When you get a daily saying win a fight vs a team 4x your team score. What percent of long shot would that be more or less? I can't really see anyway of doing it other than during the prize fight. Especially if you complete the story mode.