• [2018/06/22]
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  1. bilinos

    Other We should be able to see our position in prize fights and rift battles before it ends

    It would be much better since we can just see our position and rest at ease knowing we will get the prize we want. I don't see a reason to not see our ranking, so why not?
  2. bilinos

    Bug - Crash When someone calls me or I accidentally quit the app, the current fight counts as a loss

    Since I live in a big house, my mom is always calling me, which makes me lose pf streaks and rift battles a lot. Please fix this or make a "continue last battle" system! Like, with the same health, same bb amount, special move recharge and etc... This is really bad and she gets really mad at me...
  3. bilinos

    Collection I think there should be a diamond PF

    Since getting diamond keys and diamond sharda is really hard, I think that a diamond pf would be a great solution to this! The ranking rewards could be gold and dia keys and diamond shards for 10% and 1-10. Milestone rewards could include canopy coins, theonite and skull points. Another...
  4. bilinos

    How much points do I approximately need to get 10% on the current Ring of Fire prize fight?

    Well, the title says it all. Approximately how much?