• [2018/06/22]
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  1. rexturtle1120

    Fights New modifiers at high streaks!

    Hello! So to spice up prizefights, even though I know the devs are thinking of a rework in the far future, how about we add some more modifiers? Everyone loves those right? So my idea is that once you get to streak 20, one random modifier is added to the list of modifiers. No new stuff needed...
  2. rexturtle1120

    Feng character fighting style

    How would they ever have done this in Mobile?? Now I kinda want her in the game.
  3. rexturtle1120

    Resolved Fireworks show Final Stand glitch!

    Hi! sobasically the opponents team will be given final stand for about 10 seconds after suffering a fatal hit. Only it seemingly applies to every team regardless if it has a meme er who grants final stand and this isn’t one of the modifiers. See that final stand peeking out of the corner...
  4. rexturtle1120

    Fights Different flames in prizefight

    Hello! In prizefight when a team hasn’t been faced for a while they build up a red flame that increases the points gained as an incentive to fight them. I think this is a very good system and it guarantees that you’ll always have someone facing your fighters. I think we should add a blue flame...
  5. rexturtle1120

    Fights Incentive to fight at elemental disadvantage?

    Hi, I suppose I hadn't made a post for months so I guess I'm flooding the forums this week. Hope they don't label me as Spam! So often we see modifiers and SAs that reward the player for fighting with the elemental advantage, as they should, the elemental advantage is great. But I think it...
  6. rexturtle1120

    Painwheels Character ability and others

    I was gonna put this under painwheel but I've got more to say. Hi! I was thinking about some of the more underutilized SAs and game parts and I found myself asking, "Does anyone actually use painwheels character ability"? On paper I suppose it sounds fine enough, but when you actually use it...
  7. rexturtle1120

    Bug - Normal Annie intro quote

    Hi! So whenever Annie enters a fight she has her paparazzi intro and then her opening quote. This isn’t so much a glitch really, but more of a timing issue. Almost every time Annie walks in and begins one of her quotes she gets cut off by the announcer. Now there are plenty of fighters...
  8. rexturtle1120

    Is Parasols Umbrella Really alive?

    Hi! I can’t remember it’s name but I know it’s similar to Craig but with a K so I’ll just call it Kraig. So parasol has an umbrella named kraig and it’s supposed to be a living weapon, but is it? Umbrella has Hungarian who always displays its emotion, and Queen Nancy’s umbrella even had a...
  9. rexturtle1120

    Fights TEAM Battles! Let’s have em!

    Hi! I’ve been away for awhile, but now I’m back. Did you miss me? Regardless, here’s an idea of mine that I think would be really quite interesting. oh and To be clear this has nothing to Do with guilds, unless the programming is similar. I think we should have team battle prizefights. There...
  10. rexturtle1120

    Bug - Normal Random Cerebella SFX loop

    Ever since I updated the game, everytime I play, where ever I go I am followed by this random SFX. It sounds like Cerebella’s upward punch, but different. Every ten seconds I hear “punch, punch, punch” and then the regular music until the next ten seconds. This plays on all the menus regardless...
  11. rexturtle1120

    Bug - Normal Catalog shine!

    Whilst perusing the catalog, I came across some fighters that had a sort of glint/shine on them, but I hadn’t unlocked them yet. It seems at least to my knowledge, this only occurs with diamond fighters. Once I tap on a fighter with a “shine” to read its details, it still has a shine when I...
  12. rexturtle1120

    (4.3) Deployments Discussion

    Hey Hey! Skullgirls mobile’s official twitter account has teased at what deployments will look like. It appears that deployments are groups of up to 3 fighters that you can send out for say, 15 minutes, to go on missions. After the mission is over the fighters will come back with rewards! That’s...
  13. rexturtle1120

    Resolved [Solved]Friends list “full”

    Never mind problems solved, feel free to delete this My friends list said that I had 45 out of 50 friends, but when I went to add someone it said that my friends list is full. I thought the friend counter might be wrong and I might actually be full, but when I counted all my friends I had...
  14. rexturtle1120

    (4.3) Fighter SA rework discussion

    4.3 is finally on the horizon. So let’s talk about all the exiting new fighter buffs that are sure to be announced in the coming days. Painwheel- Blood drive So now that Blood drive’s new SA has been announced how do we feel about it? Her old SA: Transfusion 1: 5% chance on hit to inflict...
  15. rexturtle1120

    Other Take a break relic upgrade

    Hi! The take a break relic is an old feature that has been given a small update with the inclusion of elemental shards, but this isn’t enough. As I recall both the take a break relic and the daily relic usually give some pretty crummy rewards. Let’s start with some category’s Coins As far as...
  16. rexturtle1120

    Ascent of a woman Eliza Master fight

    I’m having some trouble with the Master Acsent of a woman Eliza’s fight. The one where you can only use Eliza and you go against Bloodbath and another Eliza. As I recall Eliza isn’t one of the better combo fighters and using Blockbusters will just give bloodbath regen. Any tips on how to beat...
  17. rexturtle1120

    Other New ideas to hold us over until the new character

    Hi! I’m well aware at This point in time we have just gotten Fukua as our latest fighter and well are currently experiencing a pandemic, these are just some ideas for later on in the year while we eagerly wait for new characters. The devs are very hard working and they’ve always given us plenty...
  18. rexturtle1120

    Quote Refrences Disscusion

    Hey what’s up! So I was reading some of the quotes on my fighters charecter cards and if you don’t alreay know, most of the quotes are refrences to a variety of media other than Skullgirls. Since I think this is cool and it would be nice to know where exactly all these quotes originated from...
  19. rexturtle1120

    Cabinet of Curiosities Stats?

    So I’ve been saving up my rift couns to buy a elemental essence from the cabnit of curiosities and I finally have enough rift coins. I know Elementsl full essences are super rare and even rarer for the type you want but I was wondering, what exactly are the stats for items in the cabnit of...
  20. rexturtle1120

    New Pallete and SA ideas!

    Hey hey hey it’s me, now someone’s personally already done this before but seeing as how all those posts (including one ornament mine) have died now, I’d say it’s tiem to make another. Now I remember awhile back on the Skullgirls mobile account, one of the devs had made Steven universe pallete...