• [2018/06/22]
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  1. WAH

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight Enemy Team Score

    Okay I've been unable to fix this but my enemy prize fight teams are perma broken . They are appearing as reversed tiered teams based off my team. The higher my team score the lower all 3 enemy teams I can select from like 15k-20k, the weaker my teams like 2 silvers and a bronze and then the 30k...
  2. WAH

    Other Loadout Saves and Held Moves

    I was wondering if the team ever plans to setup loadout saves for a full team and their moves. I think this would be great when setting up prize fights when having to go back and forth from different prize fights. Also, I was wondering if you guys can add an option for button holding on top of...
  3. WAH

    AI Break Combos?

    Hi, just started SGM this week and have been seeing a constant issue with the AI, and I was not sure if this is some bug or an actual built in mechanic for the bots. I've noticed as I've been playing prize fights and getting into a good streak the bots all of a sudden start breaking out of my...