• [2018/06/22]
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    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    Okay okay okay, first impressions, and now after a little of playing the update: BLACK DAHLIA AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Now that that’s out of my system: 1- why are the element shot colors… unmatched? Like, lightning shot is for the air element, but the icon is purple? Similarly, railgun...
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    OFFICIAL: Black Dahlia Release Details & Relic Availability

    SHUP UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY I SAVED UP FOR THIS WHEN SHE WAS ANNOUNCED Also squatting on over 1k relics for 5.3 lmao. I stopped opening premieres, bronze fighter, and gold move relics the moment she was announced lmao LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO
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    Story Mode - Match Challenges Guide & Discussion

    Gosh it’s been so long. I think I used beat box and risked rng on the armor and stuns from resonant. D1 > cymbal clash > D1 > G5 > cymbal clash > D1 > G5 > brass knuckles might kill, then one special to gain the last bit of meter and finish with strike up the band. Robocopy’s had a buff since I...
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    Bug - Normal hex bug

    Master holodeck iOS opponents: blitz and glamor and night terror Me: red velvet blitz and glamor SA2 activated during hex, and night terror still applied fatigue while hexed. this isn’t the first time I’ve had this issue with B&G either. Since it’s difficult to find either fighter out in...
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    Master difficulty story mode

    Yeah the master difficulty accolades are rough. I spent the better part of last year honing my collection and grinding them out I succeeded but it took a lot of resources and a really expanded collection.
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    Other Please make report username function (pic examples)

    I appreciate your assistance! The more people help the more traction this can get!
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    Story Mode - Match Challenges Guide & Discussion

    This is the wrong forum for this. Please take it down to stay on topic.
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    Other Please make report username function (pic examples)

    You’re welcome and I’m happy that a dev has seen this!