• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Pit Frango

    Bug - Normal game starts vertically

    so the game starts vertically ... and to be horizontal, I have to slide the toolbar ... it happens only when I start the game. Version :4.1 my device: moto g5s plus OS: Android
  2. Pit Frango

    Best of each class

    For you what are the best native fighters in each class (bronze, silver, gold, diamond) ... mine are: Bronze: Painwheel Rusty Silver: BigBand Resonant Evil (just because it's my favorite character LOL ...) Gold: Double Xenomorph Diamond: Robo-furtune Overclocked (although I don't have it in...
  3. Pit Frango

    Bug - Normal Translation error

    I don't know if this is the right place to report translation errors, but ... There is a slight mistake in translating into Brazilian Portuguese. Where a special move from Robo Fortune (rotation hazard) says he has a 15% transfer of a positive effect to his opponent ... but the correct one is...
  4. Pit Frango

    Bug - Normal valentine killjoy does not resurrect dead comrades with his SA2

    so I played a game of Prize Fights ... on my team I used Valentine Killjoy, Double Xenomorph and Valentine Surgeon General .... when only killjoy left I let her die to recover my other two characters but to my surprise no resurrected nobody ... and I ended up losing the match ... already...