• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Jaggie

    Planning for guilds in the future.

    Since it says that we are getting guilds this year, I'm wondering if anyone has any plans of making one or joining one. I still don't know what I'm gonna do about making or joining but I'm interested of what you guys are going to do. My in game name is the same as my name on here, Jaggie. If you...
  2. Jaggie

    Bug - Normal Accolade troubles

    Alright so I didn’t play skullgirls for about six months and I wasn’t around for the accolades to be introduced. I recently installed the game and I saw some of the accolades and noticed the progression ones such as character level. Get gold/silver/bronze fighters and evolve/100% them. Story...
  3. Jaggie

    Viable Robocopy changes

    So let’s face it, Robocopy kinda under performs compared to most Big Bands. I’m gonna compared Robocopy and Beatbox to show their similarities and how Robocopy is the worst compared to every other Big Band. So Beatbox has his two signatures. You gain a stack of enrage and 25% Blockbuster meter...