• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Splatbug

    My account is Fcunkle After watching an ad, it randomly plays this uhhhhh... throw-splat sound effect whenever I’m not in a fight? I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app... got no idea
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    I watched an ad while I was in the bathroom and when it ended my daily gift interrupted me getting my reward. but then it interrupted again. And again. And again until I got my ad reward. Low and behold now I have 9 bugged jackpot relics that won’t open, and won’t let me connect to chat...
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    Fcunkle's Tier List (may not be too good)

    SS: Class Cutter (P), Djinn Frizz (P), S: Bad Hair Day (P), Hair Apparent (P), Idol Threat (P/B), Parasite Weave (P), Rock Star (S), A: Frayed Ends (P/B), Windswept (P) B: Dread Locks (B) D: Bad Ms. Frosty (P) (P) - Point, the character you use for fighting (B) - Beatstick - the character...