• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Dr Wang

    "POLTERGUST" - Speculation and Discussion

    Her SA could be to steal other fighters SA for 3-10 seconds. Also her second one can be move debuffs to the victim and steal buffs to put them on her self when she steals fighters SA.
  2. Dr Wang

    Could trading exist

    Could you add trading since that if the fight you couldn't get from a box, you could trade some fighters for the fighter you want. For example I want epic sax but I couldn't get it and all my theonite is gone, so I could trade my private dick for epic sax since I have another private dick.
  3. Dr Wang

    Is parasoul tears worth it?

    So is parasoul tears that spawn worth using? For me it needs for the charge attack quicker, the tears unblockable or higher damage. The only real use for the tears is for princess pride and primed , since the tears they spawn have a passive affect of regenerating health or enrage.
  4. Dr Wang

    Bug - Crash App crashes every 20 mins

    Have the app freez on you, Also I had freezing every 19 or every time that I finished PF.
  5. Dr Wang

    "STAR-CROSSED" - Speculation and Discussion

    Maybe her tears are unblockable and she dentents them immediately with 3x3 area for each tear.
  6. Dr Wang

    Other Total mayhem prize fight

    Is it possible that there could be a prize fight that BB can charge up really fast and SM could have no cool down? And the prizes are exp or other stuff, the problems with this that some characters would be to over powered with their move set.
  7. Dr Wang

    Fights Jumping

    So the skullgirls we have today is very simple with the combos, such as beat extend and super sonic. And that if jumping was added it would change the whole game, but is it to much to add that feature? Since that it may throw off balance of every player, ( that isn't new and just started the...
  8. Dr Wang

    Moisterrific's Painwheel Tier List and Recommended Builds

    Why is raw nerv better than buzzkill since you have to get on low health to activate her sa, but buzzkill you just have to hit the A.I to activate the heavy bleed.
  9. Dr Wang

    "BASSLINE" - Strategy and Discussion

  10. Dr Wang

    "BASSLINE" - Strategy and Discussion

    The strategy here is to repeatedly tag in and out to gain meter and heal , which also acts like a counter. ( Use bb3 )
  11. Dr Wang

    How to beat accused experiments

    Wow thanks, I didn't really think that so many people would reply.
  12. Dr Wang

    How to beat accused experiments

    So I've spent more than 19 trys on it and only defeated one character out of the three.( The first team to the left.) Also I used an 5087 wulfbane Beowulf, a 4895 buzzkill painwheel, and a 3427 baseline big band. Any tips to beat it?
  13. Dr Wang

    I don't know what I'm doing

    I don't know what I'm doing