• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Poltergust Gain BBMeter From "CAST PARTY"

    (I am using a translation site.) Poltergust gain BBmeter when activate unblockable TAG IN by Peacock's MA "CAST PARTY". I guess Poltergust's SA2 has been activated by mistake. I found it in Prize Fight mode and Versus mode. Thank you for reading and I wish this bug will be fixed! Device...
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    Other About SEASON'S BEATINGS Milestone Rewards

    (I am using a translation site.) Hi, I am enjoying this game and special events, Thank you! Now, I am writing this because want you to fix number of theonites SEASON'S BEATINGS rewards. We can get 108"9" theonites by playing this event to the end, but No more than 5 theonites cannot be used in...
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    Other About Duration Of A Rift Battle Match

    (I use Google translate) Hello, I always enjoy playing this game! Now, I have a proposal for a Rift Battle. I suggest to shorten duration of a Rift Battle Match(2h). (I took a questionnaire"Do you think the duration of a Rift Battle match(2h) is long?" on twitter. And 85% of 54 people...
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    Characters Nerf XENOMORPH

    (I am using a translation site.) Hi, I am Japanese and I always enjoy this game! I think to write this feedback because I thought that XENOMORPH's SA1 is too strong. She gives a 30 second DOOM when it changes to a dark element, But Conditions to trigger are too easy! She just gets FINAL STAND...