• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Erick Draves

    "Unholy Host"- Black Dahlia- General Strategies and Discussions

    Theory: If Unholy Host is second, have a Rose inted umbrella in your team, and wait 15 seconds, then force the outtake, and recive unholy host. She will give you curse and hex, but in the next seconds, Umbrella will clean them and you will be free to fight her normally. Reallity: You tried to...
  2. Erick Draves

    Me inhabilitaron la cuenta injustamente

    Aqui arribita hize un post explicando a donde ir y como llenar el formulario para solicitar una revision :) Checalo y espero te ayude!
  3. Erick Draves

    Mean one or Ultraviolent?

    Ultraviolent was unique a long time ago, but now days, any fighter can have piercing, so her job was taken. In the other hand, Meanone needs to face an opponent that wins buffs in a regular basis so she can shine, but when so, she is really a powerhorse that can destroy defenses like meow and...
  4. Erick Draves

    Welcome to Skullgirls Mobile: Second Encore!

    Welcome to Skullgirls Mobile: Second Encore!
  5. Erick Draves

    Other Bug

    Please, go to www.skullgirlsmobile.com/contact/ and follow the steps to get a ticket. The dev team will be happy to help, but just remember to be nice and be patient. Some of them are on vacation right now, but when they come back, they will resolve your case and you will have a brand new...
  6. Erick Draves

    Halloween Art Contest - Draw your favorite character as The Skullgirl!

    Thank you very much for this honor! Being elected as a finalist among other so awesome (and much more talented) artist means so much to me! This work was made from the bottom of my heart, so I´m really happy you liked it!!! SGM TEAM: Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! All of the winners: You...
  7. Erick Draves

    How to fight higher power enemies?

    It´s not like "You need diamond characters to beat this legendary enemy muajajaja buy packs or you can´t do anything, hohohohhohoho!!" It´s all about practice. There is timing in when to attack and when to retreat. You need to learn when to block, like don´t punch all the combo if it didn´t...
  8. Erick Draves

    Halloween Art Contest - Draw your favorite character as The Skullgirl!

    Dahlia´s launch in mobile, and patch work before Christmas was a loooot of work before the holydays break they announced they would take. They are reviewing tons of works (I checked up the hashtag and there were a lot of amazing fanarts!!) so maybe after these days they will be back with news...
  9. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Не видно головы

    Это шутка и визуальная отсылка. В RE8 есть персонаж по имени «Леди Димитреску», одетая в белое платье, очень высокая, и ей обычно приходится приседать, чтобы пройти через двери. Здесь дверной косяк — это контур карты персонажа, намекая на то, что он очень-очень высокий, и именно поэтому мы не...
  10. Erick Draves

    why am i banned?

    Unfortunately, duplicating apps is a fish square root material... :(
  11. Erick Draves

    Me inhabilitaron la cuenta injustamente

    @PrettyWild , @kokoronya @santagi Lo que les recomiendo hacer es enviar un correo usando el formulario de la siguiente página. Esta en ingles, y para enviar sus datos e información van a necesitar usar un traductor para facilitarle un poco el trabajo a los desarrolladores al momento de revisar...
  12. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal I have 10 diamonds, but didn't get reward

    Hello there Mr. Kill_spree: To get the diamond reward for the 10 diamond characters, you need 10 diferent diamond characters for it, not only diferent variants. Let´s say you have Frezze frame + dream catcher (Both Peacocks) + 8 other diamonds. The game only counts 9 characters there. But if...
  13. Erick Draves

    In a cabinet of curiosities, there are diamond keys.

    My friend! Welcome back!! From my experience, time ago I buyed a chrissmas pack to full my Class Cutter´s skill tree because I was so low in resources and getting keys was HELL because I didn´t played rifts. But now days, I can get like 1.5 - 2m canopy coins a week, and in a easy way thanks to...
  14. Erick Draves

    baneo medio raro

    En las reglas que estan por aqui en los foros en algun lugar, especifican que las causas de baneo de tu cuenta son (pero no estan limitadas a) estos casos: 1) Descargar tu app de Skullgirls Mobile desde un sitio diferente a la Playstore de Google o a la tienda de Apps de Apple, sin importar que...
  15. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Its a bug about painwheel bug trap's name

    Good news! They just pachted it moments ago...! :D
  16. Erick Draves

    How old is Annie really?

    I don´t think she is 15 mentally. She bosses Florencia, takes desitions and treat other as a totally grown up woman would do. But anyways, she lloks like 15 so she is 15 and keep those damn rules far from her for god sake!! >:V
  17. Erick Draves

    Ayuda en valentía

    Cuando vas comenzando, una Valentine como Calor Frio es de muchísima ayuda como soporte, sobretodo si tienes lleno su arbol de habilidades y puede mantener vivos a sus compañeros por mas tiempo. Pero si no lo tienes lleno, es igual buena idea que le pongas estos movimientos para hacerla un...
  18. Erick Draves


    I like the idea! Sometimes trying things in Training mode can take a little time of "preparation", so adding some options could make this mode a little more interesting. My share of cake in this party: Please, put a (counting) clock so we can keep a count in SA or Moves timing!. *begs*
  19. Erick Draves

    Resolved Had over 10 Diamonds but haven’t gotten the Diamond Collector Accolade

    I remember that one. Evolved a Big band that I did not really use to get the 10 diferent chars dias: Got a Diamond Big Band...
  20. Erick Draves

    Natural Diamonds discussion thread

    Sooo... what happened after that tomorrow?....