• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal 4.5.0 update broke filter

    Good morning After updating the game & playing a few rounds I noticed it was more difficult to change players, I'd tap the filter tab & try to sort characters. Nothing would happen unless I exited the fighter carousel & entered in again Happens on both my devices, iPhone X & iPad
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    Resolved No reward from ad?

    I tapped, nothing popped up but the timer started. iPhone X, in NYC
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    Fights Prize Fight reward cutoff

    Interesting.. Usually I do regular character PFs (Beowulf, Valentine, Big Band, etc) and I feel that I must claim milestones up to 6 to get anything, including low tier event rewards (for silver/gold). Event Rewards are clear, 61%-100% should mean whoever earned some points gets this. Am I off?
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    Fights Prize Fight reward cutoff

    is that for all (Bronze/Silver/Gold) I'm more curious why when I start and get points in a PF after 3 days there is nothing in my inbox!
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    Fights Prize Fight reward cutoff

    The reward pyramid displays this: Top 61-100% Relic Top 31-60% Relic, Key, Fighter, Skill points Top 11-30% Relic, Blockbuster, Key, Fighter, Skill points Top 1-10% Relic, Blockbuster, 2 key, Fighter, Skill points Rank 1-10 2 relic, Blockbuster, 3 key, Fighter, Skill points I am curious...
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    Bug - Normal Lost silver move relic upon opening

    I appreciate it, Liam!
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    Bug - Normal Lost silver move relic upon opening

    TZ- EST Relic opened on Monday 2:43PM Handle: IronLung
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    Bug - Normal Lost silver move relic upon opening

    thank you Liam! This happened a day prior to the update, I updated already. Usually I upgrade all the move relics I want to keep, so all of mine are above 4 When checking I didn't see a new relic which would have been a 1.
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    Bug - Normal Lost silver move relic upon opening

    Just like the title says: I had a silver relic and decided to open it, came to this screen And had to restart the game, checked moves and there was no new relic on an iPhone 6+, OS 11.2.5
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    Resolved Where's Show Me Your Moves PF?

    Did they disable purchase of move relics?
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    Resolved Can't Continue after PF Score Screen

    Happened to me as well- iPhone 6 11.2.5
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    Bug - Normal Acursed experiments stuck

    I think this applies to all PF. I had the same issue w/ Filia AfterSS and couldn't finish
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    Bug - Normal Can't upgrade app!

    Restarted twice, didn't work for me. I'm on an iPhone 6+, OS ver 11.2.5
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    Bug - Normal Can't upgrade app!

    I get the message to update, but in order to get the latest version, I must delete and reinstall the app. Does anyone else experience this?
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    Resolved Dark Eliza Daily Event timer doesn't start

    So this happened to me twice- one week ago and just yesterday. I join the fight against Dark Eliza using Big Band and the timer never starts, I can't move as the player. I put the game in the background, rejoined, then I was able to fight but the timer never went down. Yesterday it happened...
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    Resolved No silver pf

    Was this intentional??
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    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Login / Account Migration FAQ

    Curious: are you guys done giving move relics, or is there a bug? I noticed Character relics are available (all of them), daily & break relics are there, but gold/silver/bronze move relics are gone
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    URGENT: Emergency Maintenance Update

    I stashed quite a bit theonite meself- hopefully its still there!
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    URGENT: Emergency Maintenance Update

    I really enjoy the game, but could only imagine the frustration the devs are experiencing right now. We believe in this app! We know you can get it running and we love this game! Today I'm a little sad because Monday was Filia's daily & my Filia points are low
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    OFFICIAL: 2.0.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Login down again? Error -1