• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Boogiepop

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    Wow, I don't want it is exactly but the inputs feel so much better now! I mean, it's been improving a lot since launch but I got on today and just felt absolutely on fire while playing! Good job, guys!
  2. Boogiepop

    Prize Fight: Hot Off The Presses

    This is what I really don't like about this prize fight at certain points. I straight up can't use several of my gold fighters because their strats are based around the use of status stuff, so if there's a gap in score I can't use any moves.
  3. Boogiepop

    Resolved 24 day without chest!

    That's honestly kind of dumb for a login bonus to restart monthly.
  4. Boogiepop

    Question about Skill trees

    Yes, the goal is to fill out the entire skill tree. However, if you're just starting to work on it, the first thing you should do is get the extended combo and the character skills. Working on atk and hp during or after this also helps to get the fighter in decent shape, but you're gimping...
  5. Boogiepop

    OK, just follow me to the blood bank and we'll settle this. Keep young and beautiful!

    OK, just follow me to the blood bank and we'll settle this. Keep young and beautiful!
  6. Boogiepop

    Pointlessly Overpowered Abilities Take the Fun Out of This Game

    Yeah, there's more counters in the cast than you think for that stuff. I've had Primed Parasoul easily wipe my RE Big Band and Untouchable Peacock before. I've felt what you've felt, but I've tried feeling out counters since then to bring along with certain team comps to give myself room.
  7. Boogiepop

    OFFICIAL: 1.4.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Huh, really? I use Boxcart George, but then I'm not sure I follow conventional wisdom on what moves to use with some characters.
  8. Boogiepop

    OFFICIAL: 1.4.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Whoo! I took a break from playing while waiting for a bug fix patch, but this goes above what I was hoping for! Can't wait to get back into SGM again! Still, can't wait for the day when you guys fix Eliza's grab...
  9. Boogiepop

    some noob questions ^^;

    I'll leave some of your questions to people more capable of addressing them, but for starters? Prize fights are the key to quick levels at any rarity. Even if you lose a streak, consider them to be just for leveling when you're getting started. As for evolving, it's as you suspected-- any unit...
  10. Boogiepop

    Who is your main fighter?

    Yeah, Eliza is really fun to play with. I'm not all that great with her yet, mostly because I can't use her throw to reset a situation, but I'm still learning her ins and outs.
  11. Boogiepop

    Fights Story content on higher difficulties

    I don't know how well this idea will fare with the community, but I think it'd be nice if you didn't get the plot segments when you're playing on higher difficulties. At that point you're doing it for fights and rewards, and you can always replay it on basic for specific segments again anyways...
  12. Boogiepop

    OFFICIAL: 1.3.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    No comment on what you're saying because I agree with some of it, but please use paragraph breaks next time, it's really tough to read a wall of text unformatted.
  13. Boogiepop

    OFFICIAL: 1.3.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    It would be nice if it took into account hp and teammates left on this. Then you couldn't completely turtle it out for a time out, but you wouldn't be so heavily penalized by it. I dunno though, for the most part time outs become less of a problem as your teams stabilize. Edit: a word
  14. Boogiepop

    How much it costs to fully upgrade a fighter

    Yeah, unless dupes had some use down the line besides a backup character, I'd rather get more cash or something.
  15. Boogiepop

    How much it costs to fully upgrade a fighter

    What is 'Sentences that make me cry,' Alex?
  16. Boogiepop

    OFFICIAL: 1.2.4 Minor Update Notes (LIVE!)

    You could just sideload the app and see how well it runs on your phone.
  17. Boogiepop


    Seriously, I've gotten her grab broken in situations where I never have problems landing it with anyone else! It has to be some kind of mistake.
  18. Boogiepop

    Moisterrific's Big Band Tier List and Recommended Builds

    Just to let you know, even as a gold, Resonant Evil Big Band is lacking 1 move point to do the full loadout you recommended.