• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Luxuria

    Bug - Crash bug in treasure chest

    I opened the treasure chest, a Valentine Nurse Joy came, because I took the money to buy it and it didn't, the game crashed/buged, time passed and I ran out of her. I'll just go back to play and give a good feedback, when you give me a Joy Nurse, I'm not an idiot to spend work to gather gold...
  2. Luxuria

    Other Bad Connection

    Every time I go to play mode versus the connection it's either horrible, or it makes me crash, bad server that makes me lose a fight. To charge 500$ in ridiculous combo from the store you know, but to fix these errors, problems and bugs in the game, must be very difficult right?
  3. Luxuria

    Bug - Normal Bug two simultaneous music

    It has an annoying bug, I would like to notify about it, it has two simultaneous songs running, the game music and in the background, relaxing music. It becomes more evident when I turn off the game's music...