• [2018/06/22]
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  1. R_eset_

    Double - Rainbow Bright / Дабл - Радужный мор

    Guys, What a best build rainbow need for best profit play? While skill need generally, and while stats (at%/hp%..) from them need?
  2. R_eset_

    Bug - Normal Bad IOS Update

    Yup, Store is working now, and i buy subs. Yup, chat is working when device changed language to Eng, but when change Rus Language again, chat again is cant send messages :D device language - Russian
  3. R_eset_

    Bug - Normal Bad IOS Update

    New update for ios is very bad: 1. Cant buy subscription in game store, nothing to price (free?) 2. All my friends and me who has Ios, have a problem with game chat, he dont work, cant write and send to chat. Device - Iphone 8 Update - was successfully in App store, and inside game