• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Takio

    List of Marquee Abilities

    Beowulf - Challenger Beowulf inflicts x% Bonus damage anytime his health percentage is LOWER than his opponent Starting %: 5 | Increments: 1% | Max: 15% - Defending Champ Beowulf inflicts x% bonus damage anytime his health percentage is HIGHER than his opponent Starting %: 5 | Increments: 1%...
  2. Takio

    Resolved Increased FS doesn't affect PF points after win

    Before the 2.2 update I got to a streak of 38 in gold pf. After the update I noticed that any subsequent wins don't give increased Prize fight points despite the enemy fighters having ~20k fs. I tested this in the Bronze pf because there the fighters are more consistent. My fighters were...
  3. Takio

    Characters Leveling for Max-Level Characters( & maybe fixing the key problem)

    Disclaimer: This isn't about making them stronger than technically possible. The maximum fighter score won't be changed. Recently I've gotten to the point were I've got a couple of max level characters in Bronze and Silver, and while they're good for Prize Fights, it always seems like a waste...