• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Rudølf

    Beowulf in Competitive PvP

  2. Rudølf

    Fights Competitive|Throw Invincibility Effect

    The grapplers, Beowulf and Cerebella, are having a hard time in comp using command grabs, because of the throw invincibility. Yes, it is a fair rule since grab spams are annoying. But I'd like to suggest a more visible effect on fighters when they are invincible to throws. Most of the time...
  3. Rudølf

    Fights Competitive|Damage Scaling=Immediate ToD Nerf

    I was watching Liam's SG2E tips, where he was advising us to use heavy attacks at the start of the combo, because it gets weaker as the combo count goes higher. Then it hits me. What if this was implemented to competitive versus? There are fighters who can reach unfairly high combos (YES NADIA...
  4. Rudølf

    Fights Versus|Dealing with ToD's

    You know how in Skullgirls 2nd Encore, when the AI spots an infinite your combo breaks? I was wondering if something similar to that could be implemented to SGM, but only in PvP. Okay, I'm gonna ask if you guys agree with me first: Should ToDs and infinites be nerfed or even get rid of...
  5. Rudølf

    Fights Local Network Options

    Aha! I got a reader in! No this isn't clickbait don't go ;0; Anyway! Have you ever had IRL buddies who play Skullgirls with you too? And you both go: “Hey wanna comp?” “Yus suure!” “Noice! So.. how..?” And you both realize you're in the middle of nowhere, or you don't have any wifi access, or...
  6. Rudølf

    Punishing Opponents

    Okay, you're probably amazed by how dumb I am to ask more about this, but bear with me! So fighters flash red when interrupted now! Nice! It means you're quote-unquote punishing them right, if I recall corrrectly. “BUT HOW DO YOU THAT?!?!” New players may ask. (I honestly might be considered...
  7. Rudølf

    Bug - Normal Second Dash Delay Exceptions?

    Okay, as far as I know, when you start a hit with a dash, and use a dash again later on in the combo, it's delayed a bit. For context, think of the classic D1>G5>Launch>D1>Follow-up depending on character. You'd notice the second dash is delayed a bit (hafto admit I dunno why though). But, say...
  8. Rudølf

    Bug - Normal Beo's Backdash Input Delayed?

    I don't really know if this is a bug btw, I just sorta need clarification on what I noticed.. I noticed the whole cast's ground combo (G5 Tap and D1 excluded) immediately inputs your backdash the moment you swipe left. But for Beo, it either takes two swipes or a second before it inputs the...
  9. Rudølf

    Collection Replace the Top Fighters Roster?

    Would it be nice if the roster in our profile gets replaced by fighters of our own choice? Just to give it a weee bit of flair if that makes sense. Or maybe it's better if we just keep the Top Fighters roster? Which do you guys prefer?
  10. Rudølf

    The Skullgirls Roster

    Let's say the most essential fighters to the games are all added (The Trio.. what's-it-called?), and the game can afford another fighter! Who do you guys wanna see added to the SGM? Let's get rid of Marie, Black Dahlia, Annie, and whoever else serves an important role in the story, assuming...
  11. Rudølf

    How Are Fighters Considered 'Good' in Comp Versus?

    Is it more of a who gets the highest combo count? Who gets to touch who first? Ooor does it completely rely on their kit (if i even know what that means)?
  12. Rudølf

    Will Private Chats Be Worth It?

    Okay, the Devs said it, we're getting more advanced social features over time (confetti)! And private chats are mentioned hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times by now. But would it be worth it? Channel 0 is a place full of randomness, the good kind. Imagine if you were to filter out...
  13. Rudølf

    Variants To Be Buffed

    Hello, wuff pack! Am here to do a little poll if it's okay! x3 Some of Beowuff's variants need buffs. Is it just me who thinks that? Please don't say it's just me ;w;
  14. Rudølf

    Skullgirls Merch

    Hey, does Skullgirls have its own merch? Like, plushies and phone charms and what-not? I've seen posters, and I think even variant cards. Isn't it a game company thing, though? To make merch? Ooor isn't it? x3
  15. Rudølf

    Fights Instant Move Cooldown For Training

    Hey, shouldn't it make sense if in training mode, our moves are instantly refreshed after use? I mean—there's not much to do there other than anything move-or-combo-related, soooo... I thought it makes sense if we get to practice combos more conveniently. Let me know what you guys think. :3
  16. Rudølf

    Other New Social Hub Features

    Hello! One thing I'm glad for in SGM is having the social hub implemented. It just has so much potential. I'm here to put out some ideas. • Private chats Okay, this is nothing uncommon. Everyone's been talking about it ever since the social hub became a thing. Personally, I'm not much in favor...
  17. Rudølf

    Other Items Becoming Sellable

    By items, I'm referring to relic shards, rift tickets, skill points, energy refills and the like. Currently, we can only sell moves in exchange for canopy coins. But what if we can sell the resources we get, too? It would help a lot. Some of you may be thinking it's stupid to sell certain...
  18. Rudølf

    Guilds Brainstorming

    If you've been playing long enough, you've probably seen that "Coming Soon!" text below the 'Guilds' part of our profiles countless times. I don't know about you guys, but this is one feature I'm always left curious about ever since I started playing. So uhh— I know the Devs probably have stuff...
  19. Rudølf

    Fights Versus: Disabling Quit Option In-game

    We all know how hard it is to get a match in versus mode. Usually we gets countless rejects before getting matched— the relief when you finally get one..! A salty bunch of players would quit during the fight when they're sensing defeat, and it's not fair.°³° I think disabling the quit option...
  20. Rudølf

    Fights Option to pick stage?

    Not really that big of a suggestion, but hey. I think it'd be cool if we get to choose which stage we play in before each fight, since it's always put on random. Maybe even be able to change the music that comes with it? For more variety? It's nothing fancy, just something that popped in my mind.