• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Ownface

    OFFICIAL: In-Game Bannable Offenses

    Hey everyone! We've just done our first round of banning unscrupulous users. For the sake of transparency, we wanted to formally outline some rules and guidelines. Hopefully none of this applies to anyone on these forums but - if they do - you have been forewarned. YOU WILL GET BANNED IF YOU...
  2. Ownface

    Bug - Crash need help here..

    @malique The servers should be back up!
  3. Ownface

    Resolved Login Bug

    It definitely seems to be affecting European players the most. We're very sorry about the delay, guys. Unfortunately there's only so much we can do ourselves, but we're trying to assist LINE in any way we can to help resolve the issue ASAP. When you guys are able to get back into the game...
  4. Ownface

    Resolved Login Bug

    As long as you login with the same account that your progress is tied to when you reinstall the app, your progress should still be there.
  5. Ownface

    Making Blocks More Skill Oriented

    Here's the response from @ImaiKari on the other thread. Closing out the others to keep the convo in one thread! 1. Unless you're grabbing a cerebella, you can block immediately after any failed grab to avoid punishment. This point is mute. 2. The block lingering is not a problem. There are...
  6. Ownface

    Resolved Login Bug

    So here's the latest: Good news is that LINE is confident that they've figured out what the issue is. Bad news is that they still need to actually go about resolving it. Hopefully you guys should be able to login and play again soon, but we don't have an exact ETA. Once again, we're very sorry...
  7. Ownface

    Making Blocks More Skill Oriented

    Hey @Jezuz, no worries, I'll go ahead and move this post to the suggestions forum. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Ownface

    Bug - Normal Unable to log in to previous account

    Hi @Xenooooon, sorry to hear about your continued issues. We've made a sticky post for troubleshooting lost data, but it sounds like you're in another pickle altogether! The path to creating a support ticket is a little buried behind FAQs and EULAs. You should be able to access it in the...
  9. Ownface

    Resolved Login Bug

    Again, if you are experiencing this issue and have not done so already, providing this information is invaluable for us to have to help LINE investigate the problem: -Your region, the more specific the better (City/State/Country) -The date/time you experienced (or currently are experiencing)...
  10. Ownface

    Bug - Normal Unable to log in to previous account

    Hi @Xenooooon, sorry to hear about your issue. -Have you tried logging in with any other google accounts that you may use on your device? -Is it possible that you were logged in via a different method such as Facebook or Guest? -Did you ever replace your data/migrate it to another login method...
  11. Ownface

    Resolved Login Bug

    If you are experiencing this issue, can you provide four pieces of data when replying: -Your region, the more specific the better (City/State/Country) -The date/time you experienced (or currently are experiencing) this issue -Your device/platform (ie iOS or Android) -Your network connection...
  12. Ownface

    Resolved Login Bug

    Are you currently experiencing this issue, or is this a screenshot from earlier? If you are experiencing the issue, one potential solution that has worked for some users is to: -Close all background apps (including Skullgirls) -Disconnect from your wifi network -Turn off wifi -Wait 30 seconds...
  13. Ownface

    Bug - Crash Game froze after a fight

    The good news is that you shouldn't see this in prize fights. It appears to be an issue with the node map specifically. We fixed another, related soft-crash with the node map in 1.6, but this tricky one is still lingering. Any additional details/steps you can provide is always useful! Thanks...
  14. Ownface

    Bug - Normal Continue button does not appear

    @ThanatosDK Thanks for the post. This is an issue that has been around since 1.5. We attempted to fix it for 1.6, but obviously the issue is still recurring! If this continues to happen, please provide as much info as possible: -What did you do before the match? Change your team? Change your...
  15. Ownface

    Bug - Normal game says i need to update but there's no update available

    Can you guys list your devices/OS per the sticky at the top of the forum? A workaround you can try is deleting the app and redownloading it from the app store. Make sure you remember your login method/account before doing so, because you will be prompted for it the first time you start the app...
  16. Ownface

    Bug - Normal Game locking when tapping “rewards”

    @ThanatosDK Thanks for your post. Does this happen every time you try to view the rewards from the prize fight lobby? Apologies for the inconvenience and the lost energy.
  17. Ownface

    Bug - Normal Rainbow Blight's skills dont work?

    Important to fully read those character abilities :p Hope you're enjoying her so far, congrats on the Rainbow Blight pull!
  18. Ownface

    Bug - Crash 1.6.0 Forever authorization(doesn’t load, so im counting it as a crash)

    There was an issue with some of LINE's regional servers, should be resolved now!
  19. Ownface

    Bug - Normal Prize Fight Reward

    We've had some issues with prize fight rewards being delayed, but it should be a few days tops. If you believe that you should have received rewards from an event but did not, you can contact support via the Help button in the Options menu.
  20. Ownface

    Bug - Normal Level up Glitch

    Hi @Blastze, your characters are gaining the correct amount of experience/leveling at the appropriate rate. The issue is with the leveling animation at the end of the match. Unfortunately it requires a fairly significant reworking of our animation system, so it will still be present in 1.6, but...