• [2018/06/22]
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    Story Mode - Match Challenges Guide & Discussion

    You know what brah? I did the challenge with Gang Green, 2 Taunts burst and a SM with attack, the full SA and that was it, WAY easier than using Nunsense
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    Story Mode - Match Challenges Guide & Discussion

    No, that's the problem, is the only missing challenge I have from the 1164 that are on the game. How did u complete it brah? Is already 2 years since you made this post
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    Story Mode - Match Challenges Guide & Discussion

    Hey man, idk if you can explain me what happened here: This is the last challenge and I remember completing it with Nunsense but idk why the game doesn't count it as a win
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    OFFICIAL: Daily Events & Upcoming Economy Updates

    Well, 2 medici per week can be a good idea but there's 2 things that made me think: 1- Why Holodeck and Experiments weren't mentioned here?, because everyone was complaining about it costing Tickets as a limited way to be on the daily events 2- giving us 4 tickets can be good, but what about...