• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Bones

    Bug - Normal Store problems

    Are you getting any error popups? If you leave your device on the loading screen for the store, it should eventually load any Free offers, though it might take a long time. Please give that a try and if it doesn't open after 5 minutes let me know, it will either give you an error number or...
  2. Bones

    Resolved Bug umbrella en el espacio

    It's a well known issue, will be fixed in 5.4
  3. Bones

    Bug - Normal Abrir baú

  4. Bones

    Resolved Match Challenge Accolade Bug

    You should be able to claim that Accolade now. Congrats!
  5. Bones

    Bug - Normal No poder iniciar seción

    This is a pretty common issue we've run into with Google's login services. If you haven't already, I recommend contacting our Customer Support team and they can walk you through a possible way to resolved it. please submit a ticket at skullgirlsmobile.com/contact
  6. Bones

    Bug - Normal El personaje me aparece bloqueado

    Any chance Inkling is being used on your training team? Possibly even as your profile avatar, though I don't think that one matters.
  7. Bones

    Bug - Normal Bug with Red Velvet

    Djinn Frizz and others with timed SAs trigger their abilities in a way that makes it appear as if Hex doesn't work on them. It's a known issue that we'll possibly rethink somewhere down the line. Basically, to prevent Frizz's SA from triggering, you would need to apply the Hex before her 3...
  8. Bones

    Bug - Normal Possible training bug

    Tapping on the health bar area will turn on/off a percentage display. As far as the training dummies not losing health, I haven't heard of that happening before. They have A LOT of health, so you may not see the health bar move unless you're doing a significant amount of damage to them.
  9. Bones

    Bug - Normal Не активные блокбастеры и приемы

    If this happens consistently, please grab some video or screenshots of what you're seeing to help us determine what's going on.
  10. Bones

    Bug - Normal Black dahlia despellejadora

    Kinda hard to follow exactly what you're seeing. If possible, please upload a video or screenshots of what you're seeing in game.
  11. Bones

    Bug - Normal PvP

    What device are you using? There's a likely workaround on iOS
  12. Bones

    Bug - Normal Modo versus: no es posible jugar porque aparece "posible oponente encontrado"

    Please make a new thread with your own details of whatever issue you're having
  13. Bones

    Bug - Normal Snack stealers

  14. Bones

    Bug - Normal something is wrong with the composition

    this is a known bug. I'd recommend not playing around with it too much, there's rare edge cases of suddenly only being able to use two fighters or one fighter max on your team
  15. Bones

    Bug - Normal Input Sensitivity

    Hmmmmmmmm I'll see if my team can get their hands on an iPhone 14 pro to double check that.
  16. Bones

    Resolved Match Challenge Accolade Bug

    I need to see the other difficulties unfortunately, you just posted the Master difficulty ones. Did you perhaps miss two on previous difficulties?
  17. Bones

    Bug - Normal Armed Forces SA bug

    Thanks, I'm having my team look into it.
  18. Bones

    Bug - Normal bug persona assistant + immoral fiber

    This is a known bug, dunno when it will get fixed unfortunately.