• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Whispy

    OFFICIAL FAQ: Annie 2nd Encore (+ New Character?!)

    Well then. A new character already? That’s insane. Now, I know it’s probably not gonna happen, but how cool would it be if one of the characters was introduced via an ARG? I won’t really get into what an ARG is, but the usual problem with video game ARGs is that the files get torn apart and...
  2. Whispy

    Other 2021 Roadmap Player Opinions

    SGM Start Date: Summer 2018 Player account level: 70 Current catalog completion: 138/170 Highest Rift 2.0 Rank: Diamond 3 My three biggest wishes are: -More story modes: Ascent of a Woman leaves a major cliffhanger for the in game story that feels like it’s never gonna be resolved. Plus more...
  3. Whispy

    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    Not only that, but the chances of just getting a bronze are still astronomically high, and since I and lots of other people have made it so late into the game, I have next to no use for them besides fodder. While bronzes would obviously have the highest rate of any tier, 82% is just too high. I...
  4. Whispy

    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    This was something I forgot to bring up, but this also wasn't the best decision. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to give certain players a better idea of how to fight certain characters, but this was a bad way of doing it. Also it’s gonna make both the light and the dark PFs even more painful...
  5. Whispy

    OFFICIAL: 4.3.3 Update Notes - Now Available!

    Normally like everyone else, I’d be hyped for all these new changes, but I have two thoughts. For one, I feel like Feline Lucky’s reduction from 25 to 15 seconds was a little too big of a nerf. Feline Lucky’s SA is so dependent on a small chance that I feel like it would’ve been fine to either...
  6. Whispy

    No, MikeZ isn’t MightyZug. MikeZ is one of the creators of 2nd Encore.

    No, MikeZ isn’t MightyZug. MikeZ is one of the creators of 2nd Encore.
  7. Whispy

    Normally, I like to spend money on this game here and there to support the devs, but after...

    Normally, I like to spend money on this game here and there to support the devs, but after seeing the MikeZ stuff, count me out.
  8. Whispy

    Y’know, with all the cultists, pervs, and people breaking chat rules in the game’s chat, I think...

    Y’know, with all the cultists, pervs, and people breaking chat rules in the game’s chat, I think it’s safe to say the mods lost all hope.
  9. Whispy

    OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Rerun was so OP they had to make a debuff to counter her. Wow. Alright, jokes aside, this update looks really cool. At first, I admit I was pretty uninterested in Fukua. However, after seeing her combo potential from the Twitter, I’m really interested to see what I can do with her. Having...
  10. Whispy

    OFFICIAL: 2020 Preview

    With every passing month, this game blossoms into something more and more amazing. I can’t describe how wonderful my experience with this game has been, and all of you folks at Hidden Variable are the best game developers I’ve ever seen. I can’t physically praise this game and its development...
  11. Whispy

    Other Suggestion for chat

    I’ll be honest, these both sound like better ideas than what I had in mind. I do think to an extent the mute function needs to be revised a little bit. Maybe you can see a list of active users in a channel and use that as a shortcut to mute people, check profiles, duel fighters, etc.?
  12. Whispy

    OFFICIAL: Brand New Skullgirls Mobile Character FAQ

    Ah, so there’s really no telling who could be the mystery character. On one hand, I think it would’ve been fun to put some subtle hint or red herring to stir something up to make people guess who it is, but not having any clues makes it much more intriguing.
  13. Whispy

    OFFICIAL: Brand New Skullgirls Mobile Character FAQ

    First off, nice job hiding the Spooky Scary Skeleton lyrics in the background of the skeleton “reveal”. Second off, in that first picture, in the bottom right, you can just make out Fukua. “Hiding in plain sight” in my opinion would most likely refer to Umbrella, Marie, Annie, and Dahlia since...
  14. Whispy

    Other Suggestion for chat

    An idea I have to improve the chat system overall is to temporarily block people from chatting if they only chat (i.e. don’t actually fight or do anything besides chat) The chat, as chaotic as it may be, is overall meant to help people, and the people who only meander tend to annoy everyone...
  15. Whispy

    SG Custom Fighters

    Second to last palette series from me before the New Year comes. "Seeing you powerless is like music to me." - The Puppet (Five Nights At Freddy's) SA: Nightmare Fueled SA1: When a debuff is applied to Painwheel, heal 5/7/10% health and get 10% meter for all blockbusters. SA2: 5/10/15% chance...
  16. Whispy

    SG Custom Fighters

    "From even the greatest horrors irony is seldom absent." - Cthulhu SA: Call of the Gods SA1: Get one stack of evade every 30/20/15 seconds. SA2: Upon death, kill one of your teammates and revive with 50/75/100% health and a permanent stack of armor and enrage for each defeated teammate. "Vocal...
  17. Whispy

    SG Custom Fighters

    So one of my favorite YouTubers is holding a special tournament called King for Another Day that shall soon be nearing its end. It's essentially a music competition with the contestants being a mix of real and fictional characters. To celebrate it, I decided that today's palettes would all be...
  18. Whispy

    SG Custom Fighters

    I swear me making a Jill Valentine palette in this set just after a different Jill palette is complete coincidence. Moving on... "Domo arigato." - Quote (Cave Story) SA: Shooting Star SA1: Launching an opponent off the ground inflicts armor break for 4/5/6 seconds. SA2: Projectile hits have a...
  19. Whispy

    SG Custom Fighters

    Some of the poses have something obscuring most of the body (i.e. Xenomorph, Last Hope, etc.) so I try to use poses that show off as much as of the actual palette as I can. Ends up being a little repetitive sometimes and I try to mix up the poses as much as I can, but it’s kind of limited.
  20. Whispy

    OFFICIAL: 4.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Only problem from me is it’s gonna be painful going back and doing all the bonus missions across four different difficulties. Otherwise, this update looks awesome!