• [2018/06/22]
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  1. TRIX

    Resolved Peacock hit during tag out but took no damage

    My No Egrets was up against a Rerun, the Peacock was too far away when she started the tag out to hit my Parasoul, and so I saw an opportunity and threw in a silent scope. The scope hit in the middle of her animation, right after she finishes saying "YOU'RE OUTTA HERE" and all, and the damage...
  2. TRIX

    How to aggressively start a fight!

    {>☆ UPDATE2:Edited some things, put in a section on my experiences in aggressive vs. conservative(not for everyone though) UPDATE:Gonna see if aggro starts are worse than defense starts, also I still don't have a Beo for myself and there's some conflicting opinions on his grab reach so TBC, love...