• [2018/06/22]
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  1. PHPP

    Lock N' Load help

    Got a pretty good one stat wise but it just doesn't seem to combo with anything, quite frustrating tbh. Does anyone know a good combo with it?
  2. PHPP

    Resolved Didn't receive the 10+1 premiere relics I bought

    This happened just a moment ago, I bought the pack for 1000 theonite and after a long loading it said an error had occurred (error code: -1 iirc, didn't pay much attention to that though). Then, I pressed ok and tried to buy it again but the game said I didn't have enough theonite, so I exited...
  3. PHPP

    Coins Avaiable Per Week

    EDIT: Included daily login bonus EDIT 2: Included Accursed Experiments, thanks for the help @Small Band ! This does NOT include: ---coins earned from any of the stories from story mode ---coins earned from any prize fight that isn't a character prize fight Story mode is not included...
  4. PHPP

    Bug - Normal Peacock's bandwagon rushdown failing

    I was playing against Untouchable using a Headstrong. She used lonesome lenny and then about ~2 seconds later bandwagon rushdown behind him. Lenny took all the hits and after peacock got to my cerebella she didn't even receive the chip damage from blocking, the wagon just went right through her...
  5. PHPP

    Bug - Normal KHEPRI SUN's last hit not registering

    At random times, when I use khepri sun, the very last hit when Eliza lands does not register. Initially I thought it only happened against Big Bands when the attack would finish him, but now I've already had it occur with Beowulf, Double and Eliza as well (might have happened with others too but...
  6. PHPP

    Other Shortcut for accessing the game's options from any screen

    Title says it all. Currently, whenever we want to change anything, we have to go back to the menu screen and only there we're able to go into the options. I know this might sound too picky of me, but I use it a lot specially to change sounds (volume and language) and having to return to the home...
  7. PHPP

    Which squigly should I evolve to gold?

    So... out of Nearly Departed, Scared Stiff and Stage Fright. Which one? (Dead Heat isn't here 'cause I already evolved one)
  8. PHPP

    Animations and voices

    Hello there! In this post http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/squigly-animation-is-amazing.3111/#post-15781 Fel said Squigly has some intros and her stun pose exclusively in the mobile version. I want to know if it is just her or if other characters also have exclusive animations like...
  9. PHPP

    Green little ''v'' button next to filter

    What is it for?
  10. PHPP

    Other Training mode option

    Having an option to keep BB and SM always charged would be pretty nice!
  11. PHPP

    Other Idea: Fighter trading shop

    First I'd like to say this isn't an amazingly original idea so I'm sorry if someone already posted something similar. Anyway, the idea here is mostly to help people get gold fighters they don't have, I'll use Beowulf as the example. We know we can get Wulfsbane from prize fights right? But the...
  12. PHPP

    For those with maxed bronze fighters

    Hello everyone! I want to know if maxed bronze fighters makes getting all the rewards in bronze pf as quick as in the other 2. This might sound like a dumb question, but for example, to get ~6.5 Millions in gold pf and 445 000 in bronze pf is taking about the same amount of time even though none...
  13. PHPP

    Daily events questions

    Hello everyone! The daily event description says we can get blockbusters, special moves and skill points for the featured fighter after we win and I noticed that difficulty apparently doesn't matter on BB and SM tier, of course this is only true for ''normal'' fights not treasure or boss ones at...
  14. PHPP

    Help with peacock's origin

    I need to finish one last battle in expert mode to complete it but I simply can't find a way to do it. I'm talking about that one in Act 3 where you fight a Dreadlocks and a Parasite Weave using only one figher, the FS in this is 8808. My problem here is I can't stop killing myself no matter...
  15. PHPP

    Bug - Normal Inferno brigade not working properly

    I was fighting against weekend warrior and silent kill in the last battle from cerebella's origin (advanced mode), I was using a silver heavy reign and a silver headstrong. I fought with them twice and the bug happened once in each fight. First, I used silent scope and then selected inferno...
  16. PHPP

    About using and making combos with some specials

    How can you combo lock n' load and pummel horse? I'm talking about using them in different combos for each one, but if you know how to use both in the same combo please tell me! Another thing, does all her grab specials and blockbusters, like merry go-rilla and diamond drop, only work if they're...
  17. PHPP

    Gold Fighters In Relics

    Hey guys! I wanted to know if the "regular" relic that costs 100 theonite can give us any gold fighter. If you read Moisterrific's tier list of a specific character you'll see he marks some gold character as (exclusive), is this related to which kind of relic they can come from? Are there any...
  18. PHPP

    Bug - Normal Wulfmania BB3 failing

    I was playing with my Resonant Evil against a Wulfsbane in the daily event, immediately after I used Cymbal Clash he used his Wulfmania. The game showed beowulf initial pose when starting this BB3 but my big band didn't stop the cymbal clash, it hit beowulf (idk if it dealt damage though) and he...
  19. PHPP

    Does PF reward fighters change?

    The double pf that is currently happening, for example, is rewarding top percentage players with nunsense, doublicious and immoral fiber. Will those 3 always be the rewards in double pf?
  20. PHPP

    Relic's lights

    I noticed the lights around relics are not always the same when you open then, there are at least two different colors those being blue and green lights. This might be a coincidence but I'm pretty sure you get rarer rewards if the light is green instead of blue, so are those lights really a...