• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Kevin Pepino

    "Star Shine" - Strategy & Discussion

    (I know it's several months after her release but I wanted to discuss her, and for some reason there wasn't a thread lol) STAR SHINE (Light Diamond Annie) "How about a little sunshine to brighten up your day?" The palette is a reference to Star Butterfly from Star VS The Forces Of Evil. The...
  2. Kevin Pepino

    Stats modification discussion

    So it's been announced that HVS will get rid of the old resistances segment and replace it with five new stats. https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1179564313301811201?s=19 The self explanatory ones are Tag-in Cooldown, Special Move cooldown and Resistance, which I assume it'll just affect...
  3. Kevin Pepino

    Characters Change Double's HP bar's border color when transmuting

    Basically put, each time a diamond-tier Double transmutes to a new element, the border of her healthbar changes its color to match the current element. It's a simple change, but one that I consider it helps to clarify better which element is being used, at least compared to the current method...
  4. Kevin Pepino

    Luger Replica counts as a Blockbuster hit

    Well, the title says pretty much all there is to explain actually. As we all know, Luger Replica is one of the least favorite Special Move attacks for Double, given that it can't combo as well as Cilia Slide, Bogus Buzzard and Hornet Bomber. I mean you can still get some decent combos with it...