• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Renn

    Bug - Normal Empty Defence History Display

    Happened in all three prize fights (Cerebella). Still able to accept the points but now unable to know if any battles were hacked. Didn't happen for the first 2 I checked in Bronze, but all others were empty. (5th June 2019, Samsung Galaxy A5 2017)
  2. Renn

    Bug - Normal Sudden instant win in Rift

    Device is a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (and ID is 1LNQ-0HTH if it's of any help) ~5.3k FS DOW & ~5.5k FS AF vs Max Silver + MA Scrub & 5.1k FS SK in the Barbed Wire node. Scrub died about half way through, managed to kill DOW again after her first death and got AF down to ~15%. Used Vial Hazard...
  3. Renn

    Bug - Normal Having two separate defence teams

    While I was offline, two separate teams were able to fight me, but they fought two different versions of my defence (below being my previous team, top being my current team). I had changed my defence around 1 1/2 hours prior to this screenshot and had gone offline shortly after. This happened...