• [2018/06/22]
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  1. FreyRenoir

    Resolved I don't know what happened... but heck! Lost a million!

    Went to upgrade this bby of mine, but it told me the connection failed but took my coins anyways. I mean where else do 1000000 go? Do please check my transactions and if it is proper. Thats just not fair
  2. FreyRenoir

    Collection NEW MODE Facing a daily opponent for an unique gold move

    I have thought about an opportunity to aquire gold moves that complement your fighters skills or your playstyle. It would be a nice addition if the game presents you with five gold moves and you can choose one of those. Of course you can check their stats beforehand. Heres how you can have it...
  3. FreyRenoir

    [Off topic if you want it to be] Meme Central

    Uhm.. This is no realm to get offended
  4. FreyRenoir

    Share your pain - No Pain No Gain gold prize fight

    Hello everyone! Wanted to ask on the current consensus with the no pain no gain gold painwheel prize fight. How are your win streaks going? My highest is at 7! Its 15-20 on other prize fights dunno why And no, having enemy big top cerebella use ultimate showstopper 4 times on me is not...
  5. FreyRenoir

    Handling dirty business - special move combos

    Hello everyone! Its about time that we discuss handling elizas special moves, as most would have an eliza card by now, along some moves. I want to know how you are setting up your specials to guarantee a hit. I'm handling upper khat, osiris spiral, throne of isis and dive of horus. Its...
  6. FreyRenoir

    Bug - Normal Big Band Bully - Charge attack issue and failing BB2 Fracture Reaper

    Hello everyone! I have encountered a bit of trouble while fighting ye olde detective big band. 1. While trying to block Big Bands charge attack it is unblockable while definitely declared not so. He hits me with various characters but only if the spacing is right. I usually stand pretty much...
  7. FreyRenoir

    Show me your moves.. Handling 300 move slots

    Greetings everyone! To make the most out of my ressources I would save up every move i can get. Thing is with 8 different characters that have like 15 different ability moves the ammount you have fills up quickly. So i have set the max of one specific move i want to keep to 3.. which still...