• [2018/06/22]
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  1. You cant beat D

    Characters A Purposed "Adjustment" to Fukua Vaporwave Vixen's signature ability.

    This is a short (Ended up longer then I expected) point but I feel it should be known. Fukua: vaporwave vixen's signature ability is unlike any other in the game, but it's wording beholds a small problem. Signature ability 1 states: "After IDLING or WALKING for x second(s) without suffering a...
  2. You cant beat D

    Fights Stamina consumption Reward boosts

    There's a mechanic which i think could possibly work nicely in this game, being one where you can use extra stamina for greater rewards. the primary inspiration here is from two other mobile games, Being Dragon Ball Z - Dokkan battle and Bang Dream - Girls band party in both games, there's a...
  3. You cant beat D

    Fights PvP Ideas

    I'm sure at this point that The groundwork for the basic pvp system is already there, and it's only a matter of The devs doing the finer Coding and debugging (Changing one thing can cause a multitude of issues) But i still wanted to throw out my ideas for the pvp system, to see what others...
  4. You cant beat D

    "Reverse Filia" A fukua concept

    With fukua being a Clone of filia, i thought it would be funny to think of her Entire character being as such in sgm, but i took it one step further and made her completely a Reverse filia to the best of my abbilties, (Note: i by no means want to see these ideas in the game, as most of them are...
  5. You cant beat D

    Heavy handed rework?

    Now i really like heavy handed as in the pallet and its Reference, but i feel her signature abbilty is lacking in both usefulness and sense. Heavy handed's SA seems to Be about landing one really powerfull unstoppable blow to the enemy, when that's really not what the heavy does (As he actually...
  6. You cant beat D

    Other How to not be banned?

    My brother played the game on my tablet but got bored of it, so i started playing on it, however the tablet has always downloaded the game through an apk because it was unavailable on the google play store. however, until This update, i didn't know playing the game through an downloaded apk was...
  7. You cant beat D

    Other Friend and guild concepts

    i was curious as to what friend and guild systems would work like in this game, so i made a few concepts, with Some Conceptual photos to boot. Starting with guilds, i'd personally go the route of the guild skill tree, guilds have levels and the leader and sub leaders/second in commands can...
  8. You cant beat D

    Characters Evolution Effect Changes

    We know how evolution works, Bronze takes three bronzes, silver takes 4 silvers, gold takes 5 gold. I do not think that needs to be changed and it is fine as is. However, there are some Changes to evolution i think Could be made for the better. 1.SA Buffs When a character is evolved, their...
  9. You cant beat D

    Robo fortune concepts

    Here's a basic idea of how I'd imagine R.Fortune working in Sg Mobile! (I wrote this in a different app, then copy-pasted it, so it's formatting looks really weird) Basic combo: LP-Low LK-MP Upgraded combo: LP-Low LK-MP-MK-HP Basic air combo: Low HP-LP-HK Upgraded air combo...
  10. You cant beat D

    Characters Fighter concepts that aren't ballanced, but are fun

    New variant ideas NOTE. I'm not here to say, "i want these in the game" I'm just having fun, and seeing what fun abbilties (and puns) i can come up with Perhaps some of these would be the base for ballanced and usable charaters, but for now, I'm going for pure broken fun.) DOUBLE OR NOTHING...
  11. You cant beat D

    Other Various ideas I've come up with

    I've been playing this for a good while, since beo was announced to be exact, I've had a few diffrent ideas that I think would be nice to have in the game in the future that i wanted to share. I'm going to try to avoid going over things we already know they're working on, like master difficulty...
  12. You cant beat D

    Fights The pause menu is broken

    PLEASE Make it harder to unpause the game, Since i first started, I've lost many games to pausing the game, and comming back to see it unpaused, even when i put the phone in sleep and put it in my pocket, i Still bring the phone back to Seeing it turned on with the words, "You lose" on the...
  13. You cant beat D

    Resolved Squiggly Still alive after game ends?

    I don't know how to best word this, I was using the brain drain auto play to get though squiggly's daily Event With Wulsbane beo, I didn't see the fight, but when I came back, it was over, but squiggly (bio-exorcist/the green one) was Alivery and trying to attack beo who was in his victory pose...
  14. You cant beat D

    Other Some ideas I've been thinking about

    First things first, I think, it would Help to have to character rank above gold, a Diamond rank, or a Gold+ that you could only get from evolving a gold, however unless you made a prize fight for only these ones, they'd dominate the Normal Gold fights. Another Idea I had, is somehow putting the...
  15. You cant beat D

    Resolved Black menu

    I just updated the game, and my main menu is black, i have no idea why, i can Get to other screens, but my main menu (and possible my inbox) are pitch black, I've restarted and this has not been fixed, Phone specs: Andriod Lgm stylo Lgms631 Hardware version. Is rev 1.0 Runing the lates...
  16. You cant beat D

    What to do with a maxed charater

    I have an epic sax that is only 5 lvls away from max, now of course i need to finish the skill tree, but after that, what should i do? Should i look for moves with good stat bonuses and level them up?
  17. You cant beat D

    Bug - Crash Resonaunt Evil Crash

    On the big band prize fight, resonaunt Evil big band had just K.O.d my silver rusty Painwheel, then he did his tympony drive blockbuster before my next Character came in, then my next charater (epic sax big band) hoped in, but the moment he came on screen the game frozed, then closed out Device...
  18. You cant beat D

    Bug - Normal Eliza's "Unlockable" Block buster

    I dont know the name of the move because i dont have it but as i was playing as surgen general Valentine on the Medici heist event, eliza did her block buster (the one With the sekment combo) Which is supposed to be unblockable, however, during the super flash, i could still move and grab her...