• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Vallorane

    My Queen! She knows de wae!!!

    My Queen! She knows de wae!!!
  2. Vallorane

    Making Blocks More Skill Oriented

    A wise man once said that "I'm not bad, bots are cheating" :v
  3. Vallorane

    Making Blocks More Skill Oriented

    I may even say that this is a redundant complication for this game. I would recommend to you just to start blocking when opponent will parry your grab. A little bit practice and you will be unbeatable king of Skullgirls. This ticket will be probably moved to proper section by Liam.
  4. Vallorane

    Noob questions

    1) Bronze-30lvl, Silver-40lvl, Gold-50lvl 2) If you want only Painwheel, just wait for Tortured Relic. You will get at least one silver Painwheel, probably... :V 3) Nope 4) "dusting"?... you mean selling moves? if yes, just select max 10 of them and press sell :D
  5. Vallorane

    Bug - Normal Sekhemt's Bite causes fighters to freeze.

    So Sekhmet said "to infinity and beyond"... Did you buy Character Ability "Warrior Goddess" in skill tree for Eliza/Diva Intervention? <- If yes, did you tap on Sekhmet's button above Blockbusters during Sekhmet mode? Did Parasoul use any Blockbuster or Special Move when you was in Sekhmet mode?
  6. Vallorane

    Bug - Normal The Burst Blockbuster bug is back...

    Please notice that Ownface said "Unfortunately, it seems like some fixes didn't make it into the build for some reason." in http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/ai-uses-multiple-supers-and-freezes-player.87/ when the app has been updated to 1.2.2.
  7. Vallorane

    Bug - Normal Burst on BB

    If you can, tell me: -What device do you play on? -Did you buy advanced combo in skill tree? (In advanced combo, Big Band during second and third hit kneels down) When reporting such issue try to follow guidelines mentioned in...
  8. Vallorane

    Bug - Normal AI Attacking During Advanced Cerebella Combo

    For sure this is problem with your device. If you are playing on less than 20fps your input may be not registered and your attack will be not performed. Just test on other better device if you want to know if i'm not talking some dumb things...
  9. Vallorane

    Resolved Move disappears from collection?

    Did you lose your network connection during relic opening sequence? There was some kind of error? I think if you are losing your network connection in this sequence, game is thinking that you already received your reward, while in fact your game was without network connection during this action...
  10. Vallorane

    Derpness overload!

    Derpness overload!
  11. Vallorane

    Bug - Normal Skill point gain inconsistent for evolved fighters

    This is only a visual issue. Check your collection after leveling up one of your evolved characters ;)
  12. Vallorane

    The Obligatory Hello! Thread

    Hello, I'm Tom. I am a 20 years old graphic designer.