• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    I just hope I don`t get accused for cheating as well because i beat a few guys that were double my fighter score xd
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    What fighters do you believe are Underrated?

    Heavy Reign, Feline Lucky, Icy Hot, Decrypted
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    Season's Greetings Cut Offs

    I got a 10% with 27.5 mill
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    SG Custom Fighters

    I love how you guys used the color palettes for characters that soon became implemented as diamonds in game :P
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    Bug - Normal Fifth of Dismember can miss

    I`m a bit late but this happens to me aswell, she can dash up to the opponent and just miss both parts of it mostly the first part wont even touch the enemy.
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    Bug - Normal Never received last log in prize

    Wait I just remembered the same happened to me, I opened the 30th day and I˙t didnt go to my relics, i restarted but its still bugging, I sent an inquirie but I still haven`t recieved an e-mail..
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    Glitch? 7.5 mil didn't get the event rewards on Valentine PF "Gold"(12/25-12/28)?

    I didn`t have much in the Gold Casket Match but I made around 300k and didnt get my reward.
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    Yay, just got an exclusive : "That`s All Folks!" Peacock, from a peacock relic from her story mode.

    Yay, just got an exclusive : "That`s All Folks!" Peacock, from a peacock relic from her story mode.
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    Resolved Outtake bug

    This has just happened to me in Eliza`s Bloody Sunday ( Expert Mode) It doesn`t happen alot but it can be a huge disadvantage if you dont know whats going on and get caught off guard when your character tags back in.
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    I had an unlucky run with no gold for 3 months, after that ive luckily gotten random 4 golds, just keep going youll get there when you least expect it.
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    how have you opened 150 relics if you said youve opened 90~ relics??
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    Moisterrific's Parasoul Tier List and Recommended Builds

    Im so guilty for using Heavy Reign for most of my fights
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    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    I can`t wait! This is gonna be amazing!!
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    Moisterrific's Parasoul Tier List and Recommended Builds

    Sorry for necro bumping, but a quick question, I have a silver about level 20 Heavy Reign and a level 10 No Egrets Para, I currently rely on my Heavy Reign because I have alot of gold and powerful blockbusters and supers for her, I opened up a bunch of relics and now have 4 silver paras (mix of...
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    What do you think are the best and worst characters?

    Im guilty of using Icy Hot and evolving her to silver and using her for most of my fights...
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    I never had any luck and haven`t gotten a single gold fighter in 3 months, then I suddenly in two weeks managed to get 4 gold fighters , 3 from premiere relics and one from a character relic, it`s all about luck.
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    Relic Openings

    Cool guys! Surgeon General Valentine isn`t that hard to get right? I`ve opened 4 Valentine relics over the course of weeks and I got 4 Icy Hot Valentines and a Scrub one... Peacock looks sick, yea the colors arent that good xd