• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Izarck

    Collection Sets Mechanism

    SETs MECHANISM What's up?. It is a suggestion that allows us to define sets of five movements or less, in order to equip variants in an optimal, efficient and above all fast way. (especially in PF) Example this is the vision of my suggestion. - 2 or 3 sets at the start for each...
  2. Izarck

    OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Intrusive to me smartphone -------------------------back I'm a player and a fan of SGM. I invite all my acquaintances to try it because in fact this is how I met SGM as many players. Despite having excellent art, mechanics, and showing interest in their community with the continued...
  3. Izarck

    OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I'm the only one with vs mode problems
  4. Izarck

    OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Se I also have a problem.
  5. Izarck

    OFFICIAL: 4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Although your ads are not intrusive, I hope they don't automatically download in the background
  6. Izarck

    Bug - Normal Problems and errors with Double

    main passive
  7. Izarck

    Let's Be Friends!

    My username is the same as my account