• [2018/06/22]
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  1. AFI

    Skullgirls PC giveaway

    Hi all. As you might know Skullgirls PC is currently massively discounted so I bought a few extra Steam Keys to give away. I have 2 steam keys for the base game and one for the 2nd Encore upgrade. To enter post a video here of your most radical Skullgirls Mobile combo and I’ll pick the ones I...
  2. AFI

    Characters My opinion on the enemy only fighters’ SA’s

    Unfortunately I think they’re already set in stone. They’re showing them off at combo breaker, but It’ll be interesting to see if they changed them.
  3. AFI

    Characters My opinion on the enemy only fighters’ SA’s

    So with the new update there were some new enemy exclusive fighters added in. Idol Threat Filia, Pyro-Technique Valentine and Star Crossed Parasoul from last update. All three of them have unique and interesting SA’s but I have some suggestions for some improvements for them. Star crossed...
  4. AFI

    Other Theonite seems really hard to come by these days

    It’s still only 5 per Fighter? I must’ve been mistaken I took a break from this game for a few months. And in response to the rest of your comment I might just be whining, I suppose I’m really talking about the fact that is harder to obtain than before.
  5. AFI

    Squigly Moveset & Combo Guide

    The combo that I use is Dash attack into a full jab combo into Drag’n’Bite Seria into a full jab combo into launcher into juggle into SBO then use the silver chord Seria at the end of SBO and then another dash into jab combo into launcher into juggle.
  6. AFI

    Other Theonite seems really hard to come by these days

    When compared to when the game started out, its really hard to obtain theonite especially as a late game player. Prize fight theonite rewards were halved, character relics had the Theonite price increased, energy refill cost was doubled, all these little things add up and when I look back at how...
  7. AFI

    Squigly Prize Fight

    5.5 Million is usually safe but as she is new I think 12-13 million is a bare minimum.
  8. AFI

    Fun Moments

    Staying up for almost an entire night during the second Eliza prizefight and shoving theonite into my only good team and getting player level ups to also refill energy and that Diva Intervention is now my best fighter.
  9. AFI

    "NEARLY DEPARTED" - Speculation and Discussion

    I think this is a good idea, maybe 10 seconds of Last Stand when falling below 15% health and permanent armour at under 25%.
  10. AFI

    "DEAD HEAT" - Speculation and Discussion

    I'm thinking It'll be something to do with enrage, maybe a permanent enrage stack for every charge of her CA and that gets consumed when using a special move and adds armour break when consumed.
  11. AFI

    "SURGEON GENERAL" - Strategy and Discussion

    I always thought that Valentine was meant to be a sort of team healer support character. Unfortunately for her all of her variants that have heals kind of suck and are unreliable. Icy Hot aside from the problem of having atrocious stats also has the problem of only giving 6 seconds of regen to...
  12. AFI

    "RED VELVET" - Strategy and Discussion

    I was really hyped when I first saw Red Velvet and then I realised she was kind of garbage. Hex isn’t really useful, I can live through Harlequin having good special moves as long as I play smart, I can armour break with battle butt on Cerebellas of my own against stuff like RE (Who I don’t even...
  13. AFI

    What Happened to the Game

    Are you maybe trying to punish blockbusters with the timing you used before 1.3.0? Now you can punish instantly.
  14. AFI

    Moisterrific's Beowulf Tier List and Recommended Builds

    Why is Number One so high? Don't you have to rely on being hit to gain enrage? In my experience one or two combos and a BB here and there is more than enough to get you killed.
  15. AFI

    No Fortune love?

    Can confirm not being able to Blast we are number 1 causes me physical pain.
  16. AFI

    OFFICIAL: 1.3.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Now time to make a team with that Beowulf and some Big Band's.
  17. AFI

    Finally got Harlequin, her and Raw Nerv are the only fighters I missed last round of pf's.

    Finally got Harlequin, her and Raw Nerv are the only fighters I missed last round of pf's.
  18. AFI

    OFFICIAL: 1.3.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Yeah but was is last stand? Is it a special move or a buff or a combat modifier? I've never heard of it.