• [2018/06/22]
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    Which Origin are you looking forward to the most?

    Fukua actually has a backstory, being an experiment by brain drain in the possibility of fusing two souls into one body, so I'd love to see an introduction to those two, their backstory, and how Brain Drain obtained them in the first place
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    Any good streams?

    Huh... you'd think someone would jump on that niche...
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    OFFICIAL: 2.7.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    It's not even a defense buff really, one stack of Armor isn't really changing much unless you're Resonant Evil Big Band, enrage does nothing for you if you're in the process of getting bodied, and a single free hit with no knockback will only help you if you're getting them with Dread Locks...
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    OFFICIAL: 2.7.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    The problem with the trigger is that you're relying on an opponent's action, not your own. At best, you're dealing with a character who's using those crits for things other than straight damage (Parasite Weave, no egrets, etc.) At worst, that's a five percent chance an effect procs every time...
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    Any good streams?

    Hey, are there any good Skullgirls mobile streams out there? I liked when Dork Lessons did it but he hasn't played for six months now and I missed the general community around it.
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    OFFICIAL: 2.7.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    So... is anyone going to tell them that the problem with Painwheel's Marquee abilities are the triggers and not the effects?
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    Bug - Normal Misread move capacity

    Tried to replace silver chord with draugen punch, game tells me I don't have the move capacity despite the fact that they have the same point amount I use a Galaxy S6 edge + (While we're at it, the upload file button is busted)
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    Bug - Normal Server issues

    This ones simple, I can't seem to connect to the servers, in any situation, even in a reboot It happens more often after a prize fight Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Android 7.0
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    Where do I go from here ?

    Unless you're going for Accursed experiments (Which is so far down the line that you really shouldn't pay it any mind) Don't pay attention to tier lists, use what you want, finish the freebies, and go nuts! If you are adamant about taking advice from here, give Resonant evil some love, he gains...
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    Bug - Normal Softlocked in match

    I'd add an image, but the forums seem to hate the file no matter how I try to present it
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    Bug - Normal Softlocked in match

    Okay, So I started a 3v3 match in the Eliza Daily and immediately, neither I nor my opponent could move and the counter wasn't going down. I managed to move by turning fight assist on and back off and I got my opponent to move by killing the first character (a big band). However, once the match...