• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Poringsmasher

    Fights AI Improvements

    I'm sure everyone by now has seen some of the questionable things that the AI sometimes does. My biggest gripe, the AI always jumps back as far as possible to use a Taunt type move and is way too easy to see when they're going to do it and punish. Often see characters using certain BBs on wake...
  2. Poringsmasher

    What to spend theromite on?

    With all the PFs, dailies, and player level ups I started to build up theromite but not really sure what I should do with it. I already have 2 teams of golds I can run in the PF but two are dupes. Obviously PFs give free gold fighters but some of the "higher tier" ones are specific to their own...
  3. Poringsmasher

    No Fortune love?

    She's a fun character and while I hope she makes it in SGM eventually I do wonder how she'll work here with her losing her head and what not. Mainly, I just wanted her to have some love here so that she's not the most back burner of characters to be added lol. It would be a cat-astrophe if she...
  4. Poringsmasher

    Characters A way to check all fighters in game

    I know you guys have tons of suggestions and stuff you're probably already working on, but having a full collection of all characters viewable in maybe the Collection spot would be great. The reason for this mainly is that all the versions of characters have different abilities and with one...
  5. Poringsmasher

    Characters No Eliza with the event?

    Well now I can get abilities but not even a PF with Eliza as the prize or Eliza Relic? Already pretty lame that I can't 100% the daily event battles cause I don't have an Eliza to use for it. I know the lucky beta people got her but was hoping everyone else would get her with this event. Any...