• [2018/06/22]
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    Best 'Show Me Your Moves' Fighters/Stats/SAs–BBs

    Beat Box and Robocopy are als great. Both charge moves like crazy and they are Big Bands. So always the bomb. Also Fighters that disable moves like No Egrets are nice to have. In the end Show Me Your Moves is just another Silver-Fighter Proze Fight. Nothing that special. Just the condition is...
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    Bug - Crash Server connection issues

    Having issues on my Galaxy S8. I'm in Germany, using mobile data and wireless lan at home.
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    Consistent 30+ win streaks?

    When I fought Aeon with one of my teams I ended up getting about 200k points for a win. And then I used another team against Blue's team. I got about 200k points aswell. The points are the same. Only difference is the experience. So it depends on what you want. If you want a higher score not...
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    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    I'm not 100% fond of the changes to the Fighter Exclusive Relics. You will have to buy double the amount of relics compared to now. That's quite the change. Maybe we could get 100% on the Relics when we get a new fighter, and after the first week the chance gets dropped to 50%.
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    Other Chat

    So you say, because other games have something, Skullgirls mobile needs it aswell? Not the best reasoning. And do you know how much money is needed for a chat? As I said, you have to pay some moderators. Is it worth it? Doesn't seem so.
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    Other Stage interaction

    But why do we need it? Does it add anything to the gameplay? It will just eat more ressources. And ressources aren't something smartphones are known for.
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    Other Stage interaction

    Sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about. How about you explain yourself a bit better?
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    Other Stage interaction

    What's with those ideas? What is the point of weather in the game? Not every game has to do something, just because Pokemon Go has it. Remember, Pokemon Go isn't that good of a game.
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    Other Chat

    How many smartphone games out there have guilds and stuff? We don't play a casual online-game. You have to remember the platform you are on. Smartphone != console or PC. And what are the chances for a guild-system in Skullgirls Mobile? Come on, the game doesn't have that big of a community. And...
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    Other Chat

    May I ask what the point of a chat is? Especially in a smartphone-game? I mean, you have to make the chat, and you need moderators. And the gameplay doesn't let you interact with other players. So why would you want a chat? If you want to talk to other people, then just use the forum, oder maybe...
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    Fights Energy ?

    As I said, there is no need for that as soon as you have more than just one fighter. I'm playing for 2 or 3 months now, and I have enough fighters to just run one daily one all 3 difficulties in one go. (That's not much, I know, but I will get there. I will get more fighters...)
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    Fights Energy ?

    Just wait a bit for the energy to come back. If you don't want to wait, you can always pay. That's the way most games work today. And you can always get more fighters. If you want to use just one fighter, then that's fine. But that's your problem and not a problem of the game itself.
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    Characters Using high rarity characters for evolving

    Right now we have to use characters of the same rarity if we want to rank up another one. If I want to rank up my bronze Headstrong, I have to use 3 bronze characters. It would be great if we could use higher ranked characters for ranking up. I have to use 3 bronze to get 1 silver. Let us use...
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    Collection State of the Game Concerns

    It's not that easy with laws. Just because there is one won doesn't mean everything will change. And in the end we just have to wait. We can't do anything about it. And let's be honest, the Devs will know all about it, and they will do something. Because it's their game, and the game is, what...
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    Collection State of the Game Concerns

    This will still take quite the time. EA and Blizzard are huge. Two of the biggest gaming companies. And Battlefront and Overwatch have crazy amounts of players. It's only logical that someone will sue these companies because of something stupid. And there will be alot of people to back up that...
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    "HEADSTRONG" - Strategy and Discussion

    On that note: Which moves do count as throw?
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    So, why do you play?

    The design of the characters is great. I don't talk about the jiggling of some bits. Even though that isn't too bad either. I'm talking about the way everyone fights, their weapons, and the back-ground stories. And I liked the game when it first came out on console. I didn't play it back then...
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    Resolved Login Bug

    I'm glad the game is working again, but man, the coin-amount is a bit disappointing. I mean, just playing todays daily will give me 100k. And we missed 5 dailies. Yes, I know I sound like an asshole...
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    Resolved Login Bug

    As it is said in this thread it's a known issue. And as it is said in another thread, the app won't get shut down for another 2 months.
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    Please post stats

    The PF right now isn't interesting, because there are login-issues for a lot of players.