• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Vyleke


    I saw a video where someone shows how to use bluestacks to run Skullgirls. He said he made the video to help the ones wich phones can not run the game But, Can you be banned by using a emulator? Even if you download the game in play store from the emulator? The idea of having Skullgirls Mobile...
  2. Vyleke

    Collection Diamond Keys

    There is a problem with diamond keys system. If you are not on diamond rank on rift, is very difficult to get any diamond key. The callendar system gives you one DK per month, and get one from cabinet of curiosities is very rare (and expensive). So, you can get natural diamond characters and...
  3. Vyleke

    Resolved Can't buy Peacock relics

    The option to buy Peacock relics is not available My friends does not have the option neither
  4. Vyleke

    Resolved Robo Fortune M-3OW 2nd signature ability bug?

    Android 8.00 Huawei mate 9 I upgraded robo fortune M-3OW variant and the 2nd signature ability (invencible) is not appearing. I tried a couple times but the ability don't activate. I know you guys are very busy, but I want to know if I'm doing something wrong or is really a bug. Im gonna left...