• [2018/06/22]
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  1. StarUrania

    poltergust move set?

    just invested in poltergust, what is the best moveset for her?
  2. StarUrania

    what's the current move stat tier list?

    im cleaning out my moves, i want to know which too keep and which too trash
  3. StarUrania

    Other diamond keys shouldn't be so scarce

    the whole concept of diamond keys is dumb and the way they get distributed is awful. 1. spending 1M coin for 1 diamond key is horrendous, especially since coins have so many other uses. it would make more sense I would get 2 or hell even 3 for 1M that would actually make buying them not so bad...
  4. StarUrania

    What to do now?

    This is where I'm at story and Character wise, I'm at a lost at what i should do now?